Google Visibility for Irvine Dentists: Boost Organic Traffic for Practice Growth

Jul 1, 2024

Become visible where it matters: on search engines like Google, Bing, and YouTube with My Tooth Media! Their dental marketing program utilizes the autosuggest function to boost your organic search visibility and traffic.

Autocomplete Optimization for Irvine Dentists

Haven't you heard? SEO is so yesterday! Now, the best way to increase your online visibility is with SBO and My Tooth Media's Autocomplete Optimization Program, tailored for dentists!

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The dental marketing program from My Tooth Media focuses on organic visibility and traffic for dentists in Irvine and nearby areas like Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Orange County. By enhancing your online presence in local searches, the agency aims to help you reach new patients and grow your practice.

More Quality Traffic With SBO

While organic search visibility is usually associated with SEO, the Autocomplete Optimization Program has several advantages over standalone SEO. Utilizing SBO (Search Box Optimization), My Tooth Media can establish authority while improving ranking and increasing high-intent traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

"SBO will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher click-throughs. And, SBO gives you consistency- in results and costs," a company spokesperson said.

Appear in Autosuggest

Many businesses rely on SEO and PPC ads to reach the top of the first SERP. However, this method takes approximately 6-8 months before achieving one competitive spot, making it a costly alternative. My Tooth Media's program utilizes the autosuggest feature to make you visible in the droplist box when potential patients start typing in queries for the service they're searching for, for example, "dentist near me."

Dominate 1st SERP

In addition to building trust with a patient early in their buyer's journey, the Autocomplete Optimization Program takes 60-90 days to be fully operational, reducing the time by half compared to SEO. When a new lead clicks on the suggestion in the droplist box, your practice will appear in up to ten of the top organic spots on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page), which eliminates much of the competition.

Custom Marketing Strategy

The SBO service is most popular as a local program, but can also be applied on national-level campaigns. The marketing experts will suggest a custom strategy based on your keyword phrases, budget, and goals.

About My Tooth Media

The California-based agency offers marketing solutions to dental professionals across the whole country. In addition to SBO, the company offers services like an AI-driven chatbot for lead generation, Google Local Service Ads, and pay-per-result SEO.

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