Google Visibility For Burbank Dental Clinics: Appear In Search Box Autofill

May 29, 2024

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable SEO alternative, My Tooth Media has an innovative new solution for dentist in the Burbank area. Autocomplete optimization helps you dominate Google and Bing search results.

Exclusive Search Results

Almost everyone, including your competitors, now uses some form of SEO, making it difficult and expensive to achieve good results. The new autocomplete optimization tech from My Tooth Media presents your practice in the autofill feature on Google and Bing.

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This AI-assisted technology works as soon as someone starts typing a new search query, before SEO ever takes effect. Many people now click on autocomplete suggestions, and when they click on your dental practice, you will dominate the entire first page.

The new system links your dental practice with popular search phrases, like “family dentist in Burbank,” or “best Burbank orthodontist.” You choose which phrases you want, but you need to be quick, because they’re issued exclusively and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

“You will be the sole company listed for your chosen keyword phrase, ensuring exclusivity for your business,” a company representative explained. “By placing your company in the auto-suggest features of Google, YouTube, and Bing, we ensure that your customers discover your business before your competitors ever have a chance to appear.”

How Autocomplete Works

Google highlights several factors that contribute to its autocomplete suggestions, including the language being typed, the user’s location, and real searches that have been carried out in the past. A recent study by Backlinko found that a significant percentage of users click on autocomplete suggestions, with those searching for local businesses more likely to use the feature.

As My Tooth Media points out, this presents a unique opportunity to present your dental practice at one of the earliest stages in the search process. In addition, the firm states that the technology works before SEO becomes relevant, so you will bypass any competitors who use those techniques.

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media is progressively introducing its new technology in select areas across the US, and states that existing clients are reporting near domination of first-page search rankings. While the current focus is on the dental field, the company states that autocomplete optimization can be used by businesses in almost any industry.

“When customers search for our services, our name appears in the auto-suggest, and it’s one of the main ways that new clients are finding us,” one client recently stated. “This technology is brilliant.”

Autocomplete optimization is a genuine and powerful SEO alternative, and your Burbank dental practice can be one of the first to benefit.

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