Google SBO for Glendale Dentists & Orthodontists to Boost Organic Rankings

Mar 31, 2024

Become a dental marketing master with My Tooth Media’s new Google Autocomplete Optimization Program for Glendale dentists and orthodontists. Boost your rankings faster than you thought was even possible with SBO (Search Box Optimization)!

How To Get New Patients To Your Glendale Clinic Fast

So you've got the extensive training, the experience, and a practice in a good area but still struggling to get patients through your doors? Then, My Tooth Media's dental marketing program is just what you need! Watch your practice grow in record time with the agency's Google Autocomplete Optimization Program!

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The new program is aimed at dentists and orthodontists in Glendale who are in need of a new marketing strategy to promote their practices. My Tooth Media's use of SBO serves as a faster alternative to SEO, and you can attain up to 10 organic spots on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of Google and Bing.

Google Autocomplete Optimization for Competitive Advantage

Considering that over 70% of all queries on Google use the autosuggest function, you can improve their online visibility significantly by appearing in the droplist field. The Google Autocomplete Optimization Program was designed to give dental practices like yours a cost-efficient solution to gain a competitive edge.

"You will be the only dental practice showing up in front of your local customers in the auto-complete. And when they choose your office in the auto-complete, they bypass your competition, and you own the entire first page," a spokesperson for the company said.

What's the Difference Between SEO and SBO?

Many dental practices employ SEO agencies to improve their online visibility. My Tooth Media also incorporates some SEO methods into its program, but compared to traditional SEO, which takes approximately 6-8 months to attain one spot, SBO only takes 45 days on average to start seeing results. When fully operational, after an average of 60-90 days, autocomplete optimization can have your clinic rank in the top ten spots on the first SERP. When potential patients see your clinic's name suggested by search engines like Google, it will signal authority and have a positive effect on their inclination to book an appointment.

Local or National Level Marketing Solutions

My Tooth Media offers the Google Autocomplete Optimization Program for local clinics that want to rank in their area, as well as for large companies that want to improve their visibility on a national level. You get exclusive access to the keyword phrase of your choice, meaning there is no conflict of interest in the same neighborhood.

In addition to the Google Autocomplete Optimization Program, My Tooth Media provides other marketing tools to dental practices. These include an AI-powered chatbot that generates and nurtures leads, pay-per-result SEO, and local service ads.

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