Golf Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign: Funny Comics & Merchandise About Golfers

May 31, 2024

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Birdie Robot Golf (BRG) is launching a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for its hilarious new golf-themed webcomic, merchandise, and online community.

Love everything golf, including its ups and downs, its jokes and anecdotes, its sense of fun and fellowship? Now you can find all of those things in one place with Birdie Robot Golf (BRG) and its new webcomic, merchandise and online community. In order to fund all three, BRG has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a target of $12,720 U.S., offering fun rewards for every donation.

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The Webcomic 

Combining golf and humor, the comics feature a lovable cast of characters, including Godolfo "Godo" Golpher, his grandfather Gandulio, his crush Darla, and fellow golfers Frank and Roberto.

The comics are meant to be funny, irreverent, heart-warming, and relatable, whether it's the excitement golfers feel at the beginning of a new game, the frustration of that first bad shot, or the triumph of hitting a birdie. 

So far, BRG has created an initial story arc of 100 webcomics, including half in black-and-white and half in color. 

Once the fundraiser is complete, the company plans to publish two comic strips per week (the black-and-white illustrations on Wednesdays, and the colored pieces on Sundays).

The Rewards

BRG's goal is to raise $12,720 U.S. to cover the expenses of developing its comic.

To incentivize donations, it's offering the following rewards based on contribution amount:

  • $5: special mention on company website's Founders Wall
  • $25: access to PDF copies of all past comics and future releases
  • $100: autographed poster signed by the BRG team and their collaborating artist
  • $250: branded merch, including 1 hat, 1 shirt, 1 divot tool, 12 golf balls, and a 6-pack of golf markers
  • $1,500: creating a character based on the donor's likeness and making them part of the story
  • $10,000: title of executive producer and the option to participate in creative sessions on the comic's direction

The Merchandise

Besides getting merchandise via the Kickstarter campaign, customers can also buy it directly from BRG's website.

Their online store features apparel, including t-shirts of the comic's main character, Godo.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the t-shirts are made of 100% cotton, can be shipped internationally, and have a free 30-day return policy.

You can check out the merch here 

The Community

Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign will also become part of BRG's online community—the Weekend Warriors Golf Association (WWGA). 

WWGA members will have their names added to the Founders Wall, will receive invitations to future events, participate in free giveaways, and receive other perks. 

The Company

Birdie Robot Golf, L.L.C. is the fusion of two passions: cartoons and golf. The company is taking those passions and turning them into a hilarious golf-themed comic strip and a line of merchandise. 

But it needs your help to bring its vision to life.

So if you love golf, humor and comics, head over to BRG's Kickstarter page and make a contribution here 

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