Go To The Best Charleston Chiropractor For Back, Joint & Neck Pain Resolution

Nov 23, 2022

If you’ve got chronic pain, dollars to donuts your regular doctor said he couldn’t really help you. Or gave you pills for the pain. But there is a better way! Call Elite Performance & Pain Center (843-873-6004) today!

Go To The Best Charleston Chiropractor For Back, Joint & Neck Pain Resolution

Did you know that your spine carries more than a million electrical nerve messages between your brain and your body every single day? That's a lot of mail delivery!

The clinic, directed by Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson - former rehabilitation specialist for the Buffalo Bills - now offers an expanded range of treatments for chronic back, neck, joint, and muscle pain. Depending on your specific condition and the technique being employed, Dr. Jimerson makes adjustments to your spine and other areas of your body to improve motion and physical function, restore alignment, and promote your body's natural healing processes.

Check it out at https://fixyourpaincharleston.com

Elite Performance and Pain Center’s updated protocols allow Dr. Jimerson to identify the root cause of your chronic pain - and offer you immediate relief while equipping you with the tools to keep the pain at bay in the long term. Influenced and tutored by Olympic coaches, athletic trainers, other therapists, and the best practices of Eastern medicine, Dr. Jimerson has been referred to by one medical doctor as a “go-to colleague when nothing else helps a patient.”

As the field of complementary medicine continues to grow, so has the appeal of chiropractic care - a non-invasive alternative to traditional medical treatments that often do little to resolve a person’s chronic pain symptoms. By restoring joint mobility, chiropractors help relieve pain and muscle tightness, which allows tissues to heal. Studies have shown, for example, that chiropractic therapy significantly reduces chronic low back pain and disability compared with other active therapies.

Elite Performance and Pain Center’s goal is to resolve your pain and restore your quality of life in as few visits as possible through the clinic’s integrative therapy sessions. Once your pain has been diagnosed, Dr. Jimerson will develop a treatment plan. The practice offers a wide range of therapies, including PNF Stretching, the Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique, and Meridian Therapy.

The clinic also practices light therapy - or Photobiomodulation (PBM) - to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and facilitate wound healing and pain relief, easing neuropathic discomfort. PBM is backed by numerous scientific studies and studied by some of the world’s most preeminent scientists, including Michael Hamblin, a regenerative orthopedic specialist, and professor at Harvard Medical School.

One patient last week commented: “Dr. Jimerson is the most highly skilled practitioner I’ve ever worked with. Over the years he has helped me through many painful injuries and issues. Always helping me understand why it’s happening and how to truly get to the bottom of a recurrent pain and resolve it. I highly recommend him.”

It's no coincidence that Dr. Jimerson has been part of the official treatment team at Ironman Triathlons - or that his clinic enjoys a perfect 5.0 rating on Google. He's very good at what he does!

You can call 843-873-6004 or go to https://fixyourpaincharleston.com and schedule an appointment online. You'll be glad you did!

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