Global Music Distribution & Publishing Service Helps Artists Collect Royalties!

Feb 26, 2024

If you’re an independent artist struggling to get exposure for your music, Good Morning Music offers their streamlined music publishing administration service, with global distribution and royalty collection solutions to help empower you and give you more control.

You're passionate about making music - but the administration side of the industry can be a real drag. The global distribution and publishing solution from Good Morning Music takes the burden off your shoulders, brings in more money, and gives you more control over your intellectual property!

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The music publishing service helps you get exposure on mainstream platforms like Spotify, Apple, TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, and other digital service providers.

With a recognition of how hard it can be for you to reach your target audience and retain control over your music, the music distribution and publishing solutions streamline your recording and songwriting royalties, while assisting with administrative tasks.

Focus On Your Music

A recent study from the Journal of Alternative Cultures & Society shows that the music industry poses a unique set of challenges for independent musicians at the present time, with the merging of traditional and new media making it increasingly difficult for artists to manage distribution and production processes.

With the global music distribution service from Good Morning Music, you'll have more time to focus on making music. “With our future-driven music publishing administration service, artist-entrepreneurs get an all-in-one solution to global music distribution,” says a representative. “We find and collect all your music revenue from recordings and songwriting, while helping you turn your listeners into happy paying fans.”

Enjoy Expert Assistance

Features include distribution to major services, royalty collection, lyrics delivery and synchronization, automatic royalty splits, streaming analytics, and playlist pitching.

You'll also receive assistance with venue and promoter interactions, film/TV sync pitching, advertising campaign management, video distribution to VEVO, cover song clearance, email marketing for fan relationships, and financial analytics.

Good Morning Music offers professional label grade services for artists and managers at community supported tiers, with three plans available for musicians depending on your specific growth needs. The standard yearly plan starts at $19.00 per year, or $1.58 per month.

Why Choose Good Morning Music?

Good Morning Music is a community of world class artists, producers, managers, and developers who are dedicated to ensuring artists share in the value their music creates. A spokesperson says, “We’re committed to providing artists with a world class service, transparent reporting, wide reach, creative control, ease of use, and opportunities for marketing and promotion support, sync licensing, and more.”

Start increasing your reach and getting more income from your music with help from Good Morning Music!

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