Global Expert Offers Crisis Preparedness Coaching: Build A Resilient Business

Feb 23, 2024

Prepare to weather any storm with Dr. Erika Wichro – a multi-award-winning global crisis management and humanitarian consultant.

In an unpredictable world, preparing for disruptive emergencies is essential for safeguarding businesses. A robust crisis management strategy is like a well-constructed lifeboat, ready to carry you through when a tempest strikes.

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Based on her expertise in global health security and holistic problem-solving, Dr. Wichro’s consulting services are designed to equip companies and government organizations with strategic capabilities to respond effectively to unexpected events while preserving their viability and integrity.

Establish A Culture Of Well-Being

Dr. Wichro emphasizes optimizing employee well-being, and the need for ‘conscious choices and actions in times where changes are inevitable.’ Her approach leads to better engagement and resilience and improves productivity and performance.

Research shows that high employee well-being leads to decreased stress, and reduced absenteeism and presenteeism. A Gallup study revealed that when employers prioritized their staff’s well-being, their work was 27% more likely to be rated as excellent. 45% of employees also reported higher adaptability to change, and 59% were less likely to leave their current job for another organization in the next 12 months.

Full-Scope Crisis Management Expertise

With specialist experience in cross-sectoral collaboration and coordination, and connecting strategic and decision-making levels with operations and academia, Dr. Wichro will help you to develop a robust framework to manage challenging situations.

This may include capacity building to facilitate effective responses, reduce risk, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance. The consultant also specializes in change management and recognizes its pivotal role in cultivating effective communication and adaptability during crises.

“Dr. Erika Wichro Goes The Extra Mile To Support You In Achieving Your Goals & Is Excited To See You Win!”

Dr. Wichro offers needs-based one-on-one consultations that include a proposed plan with specific milestones, and regular phone or Zoom communication. In addition, you can attend workshops and take online modules on topics such as goal setting. You can also ask a specific question via email and receive a call back with answers and tools such as score cards.

About Dr. Erika Wichro

Dr. Erika Wichro is an esteemed global health advisor and facilitator of high-level EU civil protection courses. Her 30 years of professional experience and fields of knowledge span medicine, crisis management, ethics, economics, psycho-social support, international law, and human rights. Among her many IAOTP awards are Top Global Health Consultant of the Decade, 2023, and Top 25 Global Impact Leaders.

Speaking of her consulting services, Dr. Wichro said: “Working together in partnership with my clients accelerates learning, experience, and personal and systemic growth.”

Become agile, resilient, and ready to weather any storm with Dr. Erika Wichro’s crisis management consulting services!

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