Glen Waverley Businesses Grow By Understanding Digital Marketing Strategies

Jun 18, 2024

An effective online marketing strategy, coupled with a targeted campaign, can help business owners reach their audience whilst also standing out against their competition in Glen Waverley’s busy business hub.

As an established region for retail and industrial businesses of all sizes, Glen Waverley business owners wanting to improve their sales need to understand some essentials about digital marketing. That’s why it is necessary to understand the significance of a campaign as opposed to a strategy.

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Marketing Campaign vs Marketing Strategy

Defining what a campaign is and what a strategy is becomes important when creating an impact online. It is probably important to point out that both are needed as they play different roles in what is being tried to achieve here.

What Is A Marketing Campaign & How Can It Help A Business Grow?

A marketing campaign is like a blueprint. It provides a bird's-eye view from which the start point, and the end point are visible. In between those points lie the mini-goals. They are the achievement milestones that need to be uncovered as one moves along the road to reach the end goal, where the success KPIs lie.

To be able to meet the results required at each mini goal, something new, something specific must be done to enable crossing that bridge to get to the next stage. This may mean, getting more content read, having more views on videos, getting more click-throughs from content, or even just getting more emails opened. 

Whatever those things are that are required, a way must be found to make that happen or the next step will not be reachable, and consequently, the end goal won’t be met.

How A Business Uses A Strategy

Would Use A Strategy To Bring Their Campaign Together To create an effective online marketing strategy, one must stop and look at what is going on. The past data needs to be studied, and what the competitors are having success with needs to be observed. It’s important to keep a check on what is working online now and if those ideas are relative to what the business is doing.

Let’s look at a scenario. Mike runs a business where he hires out his forklift truck-driving service. One of the things he would need to do might be to get more people seeing the videos that he has online.

In this case some strategies might be things like, creating videos and uploading them on a regular basis. Improving his targeted traffic and getting more people to click through to his landing page from his videos.  

To achieve any of those results, a mini plan must be implemented. That would be the strategy. Strategic online marketing is like a game that encourages the user to take an action by virtue of the way everything is presented to them. The purpose is to help those that could benefit from your services to move through the system and find out more about the offer that is being presented to them.

A scenario of this type of thing in action could look like this

Mike, a forklift truck driver needs more business. He has videos online but no one really sees them.

Some strategies that could be implemented might be things like:

1. Making sure his videos are branded. That way, even if someone stumbles across them online, his business gets exposure, and his brand name can be seen. This can be done at the video creation stage, or it can be added via YouTube customisation settings.

2. Optimising the description on his YouTube videos and creating a clear Call-To-Action. Even for videos that already exist, Mike can go back and edit these, making sure that they contain more relevant information and keywords.

3. Actively promoting his videos through his other online profiles. Using social media and his email list, Mike can give some information on his latest project and add a link to the video.

Strategies Help The Business Grow

These simple changes can help Mike’s business achieve more views to his videos because now he will be able to show up more often in search results. Plus, when his existing customers, contacts, and online connections know that there is a new video up, they are prompted to give it a watch. This can help with sharing, YouTube’s exposure to other online viewers, and a reminder to existing customers of the great work Mike does. 

This may not be a strategy that would suit the needs for every business scenario. However, the point is to bring to light that having a well-thought-out strategy means being able to cross those mini-goal bridges that are essential in reaching the overall campaign goals.

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