Glass Box Packaging for Family Photographers, Custom with Your Logo Engraved

Mar 27, 2024

Deliver your photographs in style with a glass photo box in rose gold, gold, or black from Lux Heirloom, with the option to add a personal laser engravement to make an impressive packaging.

Beautiful Photo Glass Boxes to Deliver Your Work In

Are you a professional family photographer looking for a way to create that wow factor with your packaging? Then Lux Heirloom has just what you need: beautiful glass photo boxes with the option to add a custom laser engravement!

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Delivering photos from a special day like a baby photo session or christening on a USB can feel a bit... meh. But with the luxurious glass boxes from Lux Heirloom, your clients will be thrilled to keep their photos on the coffee table as an ornament full of beautiful memories! 

Luxury Packaging as a Marketing Tool

Lux Heirloom was founded by professional photographers who understand the value of luxurious packaging and how it can be a tool for upselling and word-of-mouth marketing. You can choose to get your logo or custom artwork laser engraved on the glass photo boxes as a way to work on your branding, too!

"Prints are just pieces of paper, and digital images are just data without packaging. However, when we put the gorgeous prints in a beautiful print box or deliver the digital files in a personalized USB drive, they become a family heirloom," a spokesperson for the company said. "The prints and the images would be exponentially more valuable to our clients. Our clients, for sure, are going to love us even more and tell all their friends and family about it."

What Do the Boxes Look Like?

The glass boxes are available in different colors, including rose, gold, and black. The boxes can be ordered in a 4x6x1.5-inch size that fits up to 120 4x6-inch prints. You can choose to add your logo or a custom message based on the customer's request. The boxes can be used to deliver photos from family photo sessions, maternity photo shoots, or events like christenings or name-giving ceremonies. All boxes come with a matching USB.

Custom-Made Dies, Velvet, and Linen- A Few of a Photographer's Favorite Things

Additionally, Lux Heirloom has linen and velvet boxes. If you want to be able to speed up the delivery, you can have custom-made dies made ready to engrave boxes in bulk. Lux Heirloom offers the option to add personal logos and artwork and will help fit and size the dies to suit the boxes.

In addition to photo boxes for professional photographers, Lux Heirloom has items like USB flash drives in wooden and crystal boxes, glass shadow boxes and small glass boxes intended for family heirlooms like watches and rosaries.

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