Give Your Pets Safe Active Exercise With Off Leash Walking From San Francisco Paws Dog Camp

Aug 8, 2017

San Mateo dog play excursion company, Paws Dog Camp, has launched a new dog walking service for people in the local area. They can pick up dogs in an air conditioned van and give them exercise in a large, safe area.

A new dog walking service has been launched by San Mateo dog play excursion company Paws Dog Camp. The company, Paws Dog Camp, was established by Bay Area natives living in San Mateo, and having started out walking dogs one to one, the owner developed it into the pet day care business it is today.

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Paws Dog Camp strives to ensure it always offers the best dog walking services available for its customers. The company aims to meet the growing needs of clients wanting regular off-leash exercise for their pets.

This is why Paws Dog Camp designed its dog day care facility near San Francisco with the well-being of its customers dogs in mind, so that they can help the dogs to enjoy themselves and exercise in a healthy environment.

The area is known as The Ranch, which is an eight acre site with perimeter fencing, which allows the dogs to get all the exercise they need while enjoying the safety of a confined area. It is an open but safe environment for the pets to enjoy their playtime excursions.

People signing up to the dog walking service can get their pets picked up and transported in an air conditioned van, so that the dogs are comfortable while they travel to and from their walk.

Paws Dog Camp aims to keep its fees affordable for everyone, and in addition to this, there is a discount if owners have more than one pet that they would like walking.

The safety of the pets is always at the forefront of the service, right down to the company spraying and mowing its land on a regular basis, so that it’s tick free and healthy for the dogs to run around in.

In addition to this, Paws Dog Camp can offer additional services once it gets to know the dogs better, including weaning them off bad habits, or encouraging them to be more social.

Full details of the dog care services the company can provide are provided on the URL above.

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