GirlCratery Offers Grils Educational Activity Boxes For Community Organizations

Nov 9, 2022

Calling all Girl Scouts, community groups and after-school care leaders, GirlCratery’s subscription boxes are the perfect time-making, money-saving and fun activity.

GirlCratery Offers Grils Educational Activity Boxes For Community Organizations

Whether you run a Girl Scout group or a small after-school center, GirlCratery has a new activity your girls are going to love!

Their recently launched themed activity boxes have quickly gained interest amongst the families of young girls, aged between 5 and 11. Now, GirlCratery is reaching out to the leaders of community group organizations like the Girl Scouts, like yourself. If you run various after-school and weekend activities and workshops with girls and are looking for new ways to engage and educate them, whilst having a lot of fun, GirlCratery is the answer.

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GirlCratery is offering their captivating and skill-building activity crates at a moment in which, according to Afterschool Alliance, the parents of more than 28 million elementary and middle school-aged children work outside the home, generally until 6pm. This means that, increasingly, parents have turned to after-school providers and community groups like yours to care for their children for at least three hours a day.

However, GirlCratery also understands your after-school community group may not be particularly well funded. As such, they believe their themed boxes are both a rich time-making activity but also a money-saving one.

With just one subscription, the company believes that your young girls can be kept occupied for hours. All of their hands-on boxes have been developed to encourage learning independence, creativity, STEM skills, and a bold sense of exploration and adventure.

All of their subscription crates have a distinct theme and are filled with useful tools that your community group or after-school provider can use time and time again.

GirlCratery currently has a jewelry-making crate, as well as a crafting, geocaching, baking, gadgets and gizmos, fitness and fairy-themed crate, and is constantly adding more to that list. They all encourage hands-on learning and you can use them for individual or group projects.

GirlCratery is on a mission to change the way that girls play and learn. They are also on a mission to find new ways to encourage analog or screen-free fun. They are confident that their DIY project boxes will benefit your after-school care provider or community group.

A spokesperson for the girls’ education experts said, “What is GirlCratery? It’s the hands-on activity box that inspires confidence and creativity. All girls love the changing items and Girl Scouts especially love using our crates to earn badges.​”

If you want to help raise adventurous and confident girls, GirlCratery believes you need to light the spark.

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