Get Your Degree Now With Native American Scholarship in Salt Lake City, Utah

Mar 23, 2021

SLC, Utah Native American charity organization (American Indian Studies), announces their scholarship programs for Native American undergraduate students.

Your ancestry should never be a roadblock to your education. We know how proud you are to be part of your tribe and this Native American charity group is offering full-year undergraduate scholarships just for you! 

American Indian Services (AIS), a non-profit charity for Native Americans in Salt Lake City, Utah, announces its updated scholarship program. The 501(c)(3) organization provides college scholarships for Native Americans to over 400 accredited colleges, universities, and trade schools. 

Claim your undergraduate degree now at 

AIS announces that it is now awarding for the 2021 academic year. You need to apply once a year under Award III for each academic year, which is either Fall to Spring/Winter or Fall to Summer, depending on the school of your choice. The scholarship program is awarded to undergraduate Native American students and may cover half of the tuition.

Do you know that few Native Americans actually seek out higher education? AIS fills this need with its Native American scholarships! 

To be eligible, you need to demonstrate your ancestry from any of the 300 federally recognized tribes and be academically proficient. You must also submit the necessary educational documents to American Indian Services. More details of the requirements may be found at  

The charity group guides you with your application to your dream school, including helping you write your application letter and teaching you how to answer confidently during the interview. If AIS is unable to help you secure an in-house scholarship, it will assist you to look for other Native American-specific scholarships or grants. 

The Native American scholarship offered by AIS comes in one of two forms, one for students attending a tribal school or university, and another for those who attend a non-tribal college or university. AIS provides annual scholarships for both types.

Spokespeople at AIS say, “Lots of American Indian college students find themselves in a position where they cannot readily pay for school. We help students that are dedicated to beating the odds stacked up against them and earning a degree.”

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