Get Wealth Management Advice In Orland Park, IL For Long-Term Investment Goals

Dec 22, 2023

It’s an especially sticky time in today’s wealth management industry, which means seasoned expertise is a hot commodity. If you’re in Orland Park, IL, get the superior wealth management strategies you need at Goldstone Financial Group (630-620-9300).

If you haven't visited your portfolio in a while, here's a pro tip from the wealth management experts at Goldstone Financial Group: Now is not a good time to sit back and let equities do their thing.

As inflation, market volatility and rising interest rates persist, you're encouraged to look at your real rate of return on investments that may have been humming along quite nicely up until 2022, and perhaps rebalance your portfolio so it leverages opportunities now and over the next two-three years.

For wealth management expertise that respects your values and your goals, consult the senior team at Goldstone Financial Group. Their priority is to offer the flawless, personalized service you deserve by analyzing your investment portfolio and rebalancing equity exposure for the diversification you need today.

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Would you say your portfolio includes investments that offer solid, long-term potential, such as select Pharma, Tech, or socially responsible ETFs and mutual funds?

And what about personalized indexing, is this part of your overall strategy? While certain ETFs are expected to rise, now is a good time to exercise an individualized indexing approach so you have better control over underlying holdings.

You should also have an element of flexibility built into your portfolio to cover potential liquidation needs.

"Our experienced team at Goldstone Financial Group works alongside our clients to create personalized investment strategies that align with their values, financial goals, and their retirement goals. With so many disruptions in today’s economy and today’s markets, we’re making sure our clients’ portfolios maximize their upside potentials,” says a spokesperson for the firm.


While volatility, interest rates, and inflation continue to challenge the asset management landscape, economic and geopolitical disruptions are also taking their toll. Prior to these influences, equities were one of your most attractive choices. In these turbulent times and as interest rates continue to rise, the wealth managers at Goldstone Financial Group recommend balancing equity exposure between offensive and defensive.

The firm also believes in the power of vehicles that leverage tax advantages to minimize your tax burden. Maximizing your retirement investment accounts based on your taxation status is key. To this end, you can work with a Goldstone wealth manager to investigate the benefits of post-tax accounts like Roth IRAs and Roth 401(k)s vs. Traditional IRAs that defer your taxes to the time of withdrawal.


As a fiduciary firm, Goldstone Financial Group is accountable to you, and not any particular investment product.

In addition to wealth management, the firm offers retirement and legacy planning, specialized tax planning, asset protection, lifetime income, and investment planning.

A long-time client says, “Goldstone have been outstanding in helping us plan for our retirement. We conduct a yearly review and make any adjustments as needed. The entire staff is very friendly, helpful, and professional.”

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