Get Vitamin B Complex IV Therapy for Anti-Aging at Gentle Wellness Center

Sep 12, 2023

Give your body the good stuff – directly into your bloodstream – with IV therapy. Gentle Wellness Center in Fairfax, VA, offers a wealth of formulas to help counteract the signs of aging and prevent inflammation. Book an appointment today. (703-996-3999)

Starting to feel and look your age? Want to re-energize and give your looks a natural lift? Try IV therapy at Fairfax, VA's Gentle Wellness Center!

The center's anti-aging infusion therapies deliver high concentrations of nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The treatment uses a proprietary formula of antioxidants and glutathione to protect against free radical damage - a common cause of premature aging.

For good health from the inside out choose Gentle Wellness Center. More details at

Choose from an extensive range of natural, non-invasive treatments for a variety of health conditions. IV therapy enables nutrients to bypass your digestive system - to be absorbed more rapidly and put to work throughout your body.

This type of treatment has been used as far back as the First World War. Early forms of intravenous infusions offered many people lifesaving treatments during this time. Dr. John Myers popularized the more modern version of IV therapy in the 1960s and his famous 'Myers Cocktail' is still used today - one of many infusion formulas offered by the Gentle Wellness team.

The center's nutrient-rich anti-aging formula harnesses the power of vitamins B and C to promote cell turnover while stimulating and maintaining optimal levels of collagen - a vital component of a healthy complexion.

The addition of glutathione helps to flush out pollutants and promotes overall wellness. Much like collagen, glutathione levels deplete with age, making supplementation a necessary part of any effective anti-aging regime.

Other elements such as Zinc help stimulate collagen production while also bolstering your immune system and reducing inflammation. Coenzymes such as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide can be added to address issues such as brain fog, Alzheimer's, heart disease, failing eyesight, and diabetes.

In addition to its anti-aging IV formula, Gentle Wellness Center offers Chelation infusions to remove toxins and high-dose vitamin C to help control high blood pressure and combat iron deficiencies. The center also provides Ozone therapy, infrared saunas, and bio-identical hormone replacement treatments.

A spokesperson says, “From the best of Wellness services to the latest Aesthetic services, Gentle Wellness Center provides an integrative approach combining the best of both worlds.”

For more info, go to or call 703-996-3999.

Kickstart your revival with anti-aging IV therapy at Gentle Wellness Center.

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