Get US Government-Backed American Collectible Gold Eagle Bullion Coins

Mar 13, 2023

CanAm Currency Exchange carries the American Gold Eagle bullion coins if you want to invest in or collect these beautifully minted IRA-eligible pieces.

Get US Government-Backed American Collectible Gold Eagle Bullion Coins

In times of uncertainty, there is only one asset you cannot be without: gold. CanAm Currency Exchange's American Eagle gold bullion enables you to start your gold portfolio easily because it is guaranteed by the US government and accepted by all IRA agencies.

Each piece is guaranteed 99.99% pure and comes in a protective case with an authentication certificate. Moreover, CanAm Currency Exchange offers them at very competitive rates - lower than most companies in North America!

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American Eagle gold bullion rounds protect your wealth and create a safe haven for your investment savings. The value of gold is slow-moving because it reflects real-world pricing and does not fluctuate as much as the stock market. For you, this means that you can easily predict and control the value of your investment instead of seeing it degrade in stock markets or mutual funds.

CanAm Currency Exchange’s American Eagle gold bullion is sourced from the most reliable institution that manufactures gold coins, bullion, and bars - the US Mint. Due to the institution's reliability and compliance with Individual Retirement Account (IRA) standards, all bullion and coins sold by CanAm Currency Exchange are automatically IRA-eligible. They will be accepted by IRA companies all over the world.

The company advises you not to circulate the bullion and coins or remove them from their protective sheath. Any damage to the gold or signs of the coin being circulated will render it ineligible for IRA purposes. With 99.99% purity, gold is soft and easily dented if you accidentally drop it without any protective covering.

Gold is one of the best investments to hedge against inflation because it is immune to the problems destabilizing stock markets. Gold prices are based on supply and demand, and CanAm Currency Exchange explains that these prices are not affected by political or economic issues. Historically, gold increases in value when the stock market drops as investors try to shift their wealth to a less volatile market. No other asset behaves the same as gold in times of stock market upsets, making the precious metal a valuable part of every investor’s portfolio.

“With inflation at its all-time highs, you may be worried about your assets in these uncertain times. Buying gold is your answer to these uncertain times,” a company spokesperson said.

Take control of your retirement savings! Don't let inflation and stock market vulnerability slowly chip away at your hard-earned funds. Experts say that investing even 15% of your portfolio in gold is enough to offset the effects of inflation. You also have an opportunity for profit as the precious metal is predicted to increase in value by 20-30% in the next five years.

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