Get Travel & Luxury Cruise Vacation Rewards From Greek God NFT Collectibles Club

Jan 31, 2024

Want to combine an exciting NFT community with luxury travel opportunities? The Greek Mythology Club is the ideal group!

If you love Greek myths and NFTs, then this is a match made in Olympus. Join the Greek Mythology Club today and get exclusive perks and rewards just for holding onto your digital assets!

Get involved at and start unlocking travel opportunities!

Earn big just for HODLing

The creators wanted to build a supportive community to thrive for years, helping NFT enthusiasts overcome the disillusionment many feel following the rug pulls and pump-and-dump schemes that have headlined the news recently. Central to the growth of the community is its rewards program - which begins with educational courses, but eventually reaches luxury travel opportunities and vacations.

“Unlike the numerous projects with zero utility, the Greek Mythology Club offers real-world assets derived from various sources, including Crypto Nodes, Forex Trading, e-commerce ventures, and more,” a spokesperson explains, noting that this program is central to the team’s vision of a sustainable community. “This diversification not only ensures sustainability but also creates a long-term value proposition.”

A club for everyone

Membership begins at the Fish Club for owners of 1 NFT. The tiers progress to the Dolphin Club at 5 NFTs, the Shark Club at 10, the Whale Club at 20, and the Kraken Club at 40 NFTs. Higher tiers unlock higher rewards - with you receiving up to bi-weekly Ethereum and access to forex and crypto education.

At the Whale Club, you're eligible for a 3-night Airbnb vacation for family or friends twice per year - and more luxurious travel opportunities are available at the higher tiers of membership.

Upon reaching Kraken Club status, you gain VIP access to exclusive yacht parties, luxury cruises, and other elite events. You are also granted an e-commerce store with mentoring and materials to build your own business.

Want more rewards? Just refer!

G.M.C. also rewards you for referring new collectors, with additional mints and vacations granted to top-performing community builders.

Check out to join the group and start minting!

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