Get This Website Builder & Integrate Custom Domain Sales Page & Webinars

Sep 3, 2022

It’s never been easier to make unique pages for your online store, webinars, or marketing initiatives. Groove’s drag-and-drop website builder can have your custom pages up and running in minutes, even if you have no previous experience at all.

Get This Website Builder & Integrate Custom Domain Sales Page & Webinars

Website design has come a long way in the past decade, but I have to admit, sometimes it's still a little disappointing.

Yesterday I went to the official Oreo website.

I clicked on "Accept all cookies," and got nothing...

One way that website design has definitely improved is the creation process.

You don't need to know 3 different coding languages and write a novel's worth of text just to create a landing page anymore.

In fact, you can create entire pages with just a few clicks.

Though only recently out of the beta-testing phase, the Groove network is already known as the fastest-growing CRM for e-commerce, after combining all of the necessary tools into a single package. Groove’s website builder tool helps you create an unlimited number of pages, with no coding experience required.

Visit to learn more about Groove, and all of the tools they offer to help grow your business.

If you are a digital marketer or an online entrepreneur, you can create highly customized landing pages, lead generation sites, or sales pages, using your own designs or hundreds of pre-made templates. The website builder simplifies the integration of other tools available from Groove, including their customized webinar and live streaming applications.

By integrating webinars into the page builder, you can easily add your own virtual meetings that will begin automatically at scheduled times or replay at set intervals, while appearing to be live events. Live streaming can also be directly integrated into your pages, using the new GrooveStream application.

After signing up, you can start building pages immediately, using 350 pre-designed templates, or choose your own customized themes, benefiting from Groove's hundreds of hours of training videos available for members. The training is sourced from the network’s live events and includes demonstrations and strategies from marketing experts around the world.

By choosing different combinations of the 18 applications included in the page builder, you can create automated sales pages with secure checkouts, blogs to promote your products, and lead generation pipelines. There are no limits on the number of pages you can create, the number of products you can sell, or how many online stores you can operate.

The website builder also allows you to access an unlimited number of custom domains for your websites and multiple gateways for accepting payments online. While Groove has its own proprietary payment gateway, GroovePay, it also integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and other major providers.

A satisfied Groove member said, “I have tried other page builders, but nothing can compare with the simplicity and functionality of GroovePages. Managed to build an entire 7-page website with tracking and integrations within 3 days (and I’m still a complete noobie at web design).”

To make a great website, you would normally need up to a dozen different tools, all from different companies. Groove makes it simple by integrating their own easy-to-use tools right into the website builder - so you've got everything you need in one place, and it's just a click away.

Visit to start designing your own pages today.

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