Get This Vegan, Bioavailable Oxygen Nasal Spray For Your Medical Spa Practice

Dec 20, 2022

Are you looking for an organic, vegan, and cruelty-free nasal spray for your medical spa? Discover the power of oxygen therapy with the Defender nasal hygiene spray from IamOxygen!

Get This Vegan, Bioavailable Oxygen Nasal Spray For Your Medical Spa Practice

Leave your medical spa clients feeling cleansed inside and out! The Defender nasal hygiene spray from IamOxygen will give them a purifying oxygen boost that helps them eliminate nasal debris!

The nose spray from IamOxygen leverages the soothing and purifying potential of bioavailable stabilized active oxygen by enhancing, protecting, and moisturizing the mucus membranes of your nasal passageways.

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The defender is available to purchase wholesale for your medical spa practice and you can use it to enhance your oxygen therapy facials or other treatments you provide. Offering you up to 500 sprays, you can use IamOxygen’s liquid spray alongside your relaxing procedures to create a luxury spa experience and leave your clients breathing easier by clearing their sinuses and airways.

Containing billions of pure stabilized active oxygen molecules, the defender spray works by helping rinse and purify nasal passages, many toxic compounds in our environment is known to degrade cell membranes. The fast-acting, bioavailable formula creates a highly oxygenated environment within the nostrils and sinuses that helps wash and purify anaerobic toxins.

The spray contains organic ingredients and is enhanced with trace minerals such as zinc and selenium. The hydrogen peroxide-free liquid is pH-balancing, purifying, moisturizing, and soothing.

The 100% cruelty-free and vegan concentrate reduces mucus congestion, washes away entrapped air pollutants, and can soothe irritation after more invasive treatments. IamOxygen recommends its use after nasal surgery and piercings for oxygen is known to help reduce swelling and discomfort.

The company believes regular nose hygiene practices are equally as important as hand-washing and teeth brushing. As such, it also recommends the defender for daily use given its capacity to help discharge fungi, pollen, allergens, dust, and bacteria and debris that can collect in the nose. It can alleviate the common signs of hay fever and other allergies, such as a blocked nose and excess mucus production, as well as help improve recovery time from cold, flu, and rhinitis symptoms.

Moreover, it can help reduce the adhesion rate of bad actors and minimize pathogenic invasion, promoting healthy internal flora, and helping to strengthen the nasal passages' natural barrier against immunity.

About IamOxygen

All of IamOxygen’s bio-available sprays, infusions, and toners are produced in a GMP facility in the US under stringent quality control. The company has committed to ecological business practices, such as using 95% plastic-free packaging with the goal of converting to hemp-derived packaging across its range by 2025.

IamOxygen provides chemical-free alternatives to traditional medical spa cleansing and toning products - add its stabilized oxygen defender nasal spray to your range today!

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