Get This Bohemian Lion Tapestry For Your Hippie 60s Themed Apartment Living Room

Nov 26, 2022

Looking for groovy wall decorations? This colorful tapestry with a psychedelic color scheme from Kingsy Store should fit the bill!

Get This Bohemian Lion Tapestry For Your Hippie 60s Themed Apartment Living Room

If you’re going for the Bohemian look with your living room, then this new tapestry from Kingsy Store makes for a fitting finishing touch.

The tapestry has a lion motif rendered in a psychedelic color scheme, perfect for that 60s hippie feel and look.

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This item is made from 100% polyester fiber, making it both durable, lightweight, and skin-friendly. Since it requires only a few screws to install, it is suitable if you live in a dormitory or apartment where extensive wall modifications are not allowed by landlords.

Tapestries provide visual interest due to their large size and colorful patterns. Moreover, they have functional benefits as well, such as dampening sounds to enhance the acoustics in your room.

Most tapestries come in traditional styles, however, which is why Kingsy Store offers a range of products with contemporary designs. Moreover, its tapestries are easy to maintain since they are made of synthetic rather than natural fibers.

The lion tapestry measures 60 inches by 50 inches, and you can use it both indoors and outdoors. More specifically, you can use it as a poster, dining table cover, beach blanket, and sofa cover. It uses fade-resistant dies that hold up well against sun exposure and repeated washings.

Why shop at Kingsy?

Kingsy Store gives you access to trendy products at everyday low prices. The company works with suppliers from around the globe, ensuring that its catalog is always updated. With a growing network of logistics partners, it is able to deliver orders to the 48 contiguous states and Washington, DC.

A spokesperson says: “Our goal is to provide unique products that customers cannot find at traditional stores. This Bohemia-inspired wall tapestry is one such example. Aside from being visually striking, it is also easy to install and maintain. Whether for use as a focal point or as an accessory, it will liven up any room.”

It’s time to add some color and pizzazz to your rooms, and this wonderful tapestry can make that happen. Don’t delay - order it from Kingsy Store today!

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