Get This App-Based Detaxe Solution & Save Money While Travelling In France

Mar 14, 2023

The Wevat app makes travelling in France a whole lot more convenient. Instead of collecting your purchase receipts and then filling out VAT refund forms, Wevat stores all your information on your phone for a one-tap refund process.

Get This App-Based Detaxe Solution & Save Money While Travelling In France

Paper forms and documents filing are so yesterday, and the last thing you want to do when you're travelling is to revisit the paper shuffling process to claim your VAT refund. It hardly makes any sense. Dollars or sense! But, if you're planning a trip to France, you have technology on your side.

Say bonjour to Wevat, the app that simplifies your VAT refund process and saves you time and money. Get a digital refund deposited straight into your bank account or directed toward your credit card, hassle free. Wevat is the modern detaxe solution for savvy travellers!

The Wevat app is revolutionizing the way international travellers to France claim their VAT refunds. It transforms a previously onerous paper-based filing process into a three-step digital service, et le voilà!

With Wevat, you don't need to fill out paper forms or wait in customs lineups at the end of your trip. Instead, simply activate your app for a tap-and-go refund.

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The VAT, or Value-Add Tax, is charged throughout Europe. The standard rate in France is 20%, however, if you're an international traveller, you are entitled to a refund on these charges.

With their app-based detaxe solution, Wevat gives you an easy and reliable way to recoup up to 13% of the price of goods while in the country.

“With our app, travellers can skip the lineups and the paperwork with one-tap technology that instantly generates their refund. It’s safe, secure, and easy,” says Raphael Chow, co-founder and CEO of Wevat.

Wevat can be downloaded from the Apple store or accessed via Google Play. The company employs strict security and data encryption measures to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorised access.

Using the app is a three-step process.

Upon payment of your purchases, request your invoice (or ‘facture’ as it’s known in France). Then, photograph your invoice and upload it to your phone for storage. When it’s time to leave the country, the app generates a barcode that summarizes all your VAT information which you tap at a Wevat-supported kiosk at your airport or train station departure point. The refund process is then generated.

Wevat provides a 23% higher refund than what in-store providers will offer you, and you can spend as little or as much as you'd like per shopping trip. As long as your purchases amount to over €100 in total, you are entitled to a tax refund.

Refunds can be requested in one of 50 different currencies and are deposited into your bank account, or put toward a credit card, Alipay, or WeChat Pay, whatever you prefer. You can even monitor your refund using the app’s tracking feature and, should you have any questions, a multi-lingual support team is available to help.

Wevat gives you a trustworthy and secure detaxe service that uses the latest in encryption technology and provides a streamlined interface for an easy, safe, and convenient VAT refund process.

Are you ready to say 'non' to paper and 'oui' to Wevat? Learn more at

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