Get This Allspice Essential Oil Recipes & Health Benefit Aromatherapy Guide

Oct 23, 2021

Do you sometimes wish that everything just smelled a bit better? There’s good news. An essential oil and aromatherapy website called Loving Essential Oils has released a guide to creating your own allspice oil blends!

The website’s new guide informs you of the many uses of allspice essential oil and provides 5 recipes for making use of it at home. These recipes are for an allspice and orange diffusing blend, an allspice muscle rub, a sweet fire massage blend, a tummy calm roller, and a wellness spice inhaler blend. Getting excited yet?

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You will learn that the light aroma of allspice oil is ideal if you wish to avoid overwhelming scents. The guide also notes that its benefits extend beyond your olfactory pleasure, and include relief from muscle cramps, mild sedation, the easing of cold symptoms, relaxation of the body and mind, and more. It also warns you of the high content of eugenol in allspice oil, cautioning that it should be diluted due to eugenol irritating skin and mucous membranes.

The human faculty of scent is a beloved subject of poetry and music. You probably find your emotions stirred and your nerves calmed or irritated with the arrival of particular smells. Accordingly, you might want to involve yourself more closely in controlling the scents that are present in your living spaces.

You now have the chance to exercise your creative instincts with the suggested allspice recipes! Take advantage of the oil’s widely appreciated aroma and provide yourself with additional health benefits! You’ll find the guide to be thorough and wide-ranging, containing precautions for the use of essential oils, particularly concerning children and those with medical conditions.

As well as illustrating its benefits, and providing recipes for its practical use, the guide also provides you with technical information about allspice. Its botanical name and family, note, extraction method, shelf life, and various other elements are listed in a clear and concise chart. Perfect for all you scientists out there!

Loving Essential Oils is dedicated to informing you of the many facets and uses of essential oils and aromatherapy. Along with its allspice spotlight, it features many pages and recipes relating to a variety of other essential oils, including magnolia, nutmeg, cardamom, juniper, and more.

The spice and sweetness of allspice can put a perfect twist on your oil blends, and will have you feeling refreshed in no time at all. 

What are you waiting for? Stop reading and start mixing! Go to for the aromas you deserve.

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