Get These Direct Thermal Labels With Freezer-Grade Adhesives For Food Shipping

May 30, 2024

Direct thermal labels are one of the most versatile labeling options on the market, and ID Images (866-516-7300) has a wide range for you to choose from!

If your business is in need of some flexible yet long-lasting labels, then you need to take a look at ID Images' direct thermal label range! The stock and custom label company has a variety of paper, synthetic, and sustainable options for you to choose from. The labels are particularly useful if your business is part of an industry where durability and readability are key, such as shipping and logistics, retail and point of sale, food services, healthcare, and manufacturing.

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What Is Direct Thermal Printing?

Direct thermal printing has become one of the most popular labeling techniques used by businesses today due to its low maintenance costs and simplicity. Unlike more traditional printing methods that require inks, toners, and ribbons, direct thermal printing only uses a substrate, ink, and heat, making it much easier to produce large volumes of labels in short amounts of time.

“Direct thermal labels are an excellent choice for businesses looking for a short-term labelling solution,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “From straightforward address labels to more complex barcode printing, they offer consistent print quality, ensuring your data is clear and legible every time.”

What Types Of Labels Can I Make With Direct Thermal Printing?

As previously mentioned, the most common types of labels produced using direct thermal printing are shipping labels and price tags. However, direct thermal printing is also a great way to produce things like receipts, expiration warnings, nutritional information charts, and instruction sheets. Prescription labels, patient wristbands, and other medical-related labels can be made via direct thermal printing as well.

What Kind Of Label Materials Does ID Images Have In Stock?

ID Images has an array of facestocks in its inventory for you to select, from standard and premium paper rolls and fanfolds to polypropylene and polyester stocks. The company also has several different adhesive options, including permanent, removable, and freezer-grade.

Will Direct Thermal Labels Work With My Printer?

To make the labeling process seamless, ID Images has designed all of its direct thermal labels to be compatible with most printer models. This significantly reduces the number of interruptions your company experiences and ultimately increases the efficiency of your operations.

"We are very pleased with our newfound partnership with ID Images," said a satisfied client. "Their high-quality labels, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service have made the transition seamless. I would highly recommend ID Images to any organization seeking excellent labeling solutions from a company dedicated to cultivating strong consumer relationships."

How Can I Order Some Direct Thermal Labels?

ID Images’ entire direct thermal catalog is available on the company’s website. You can also request sample kits, receive instant quotes, speak to direct thermal label experts, and submit their orders. Any small package stock orders placed before 2:00 pm EST ship the same day via UPS.

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