Get The Ultimate Strength Training Workout At Home With The SOLE SRVO Machine

May 29, 2024

Forget inflated gym fees and pricey personal trainer fees and treat yourself to the SRVO All-in-One strength training system instead. Get the ultimate full body workout at home thanks to award-winning global fitness giants, SOLE Fitness (866-780-7653).

When you visualize a complete fitness setup, do you picture a full room dedicated to weights and equipment? With the SRVO strength training machine from SOLE Fitness, complete, gym-quality fitness comes in a small package. With a base platform that delivers up to 260 pounds of resistance and three workout modes, you get a full-body workout from one revolutionary device.

Say goodbye to pricey gym fees and those clunky, old-fashioned weights, and hello to your new best friend, SRVO. Buy now and save at

SRVO home workout stations are compact for easy storage and feature intelligent resistance systems with three different training modes you can tailor to suit the level of training you're ready for.


In today’s post-COVID era, not everyone is as comfortable as they once were working out at a public gym. Maybe you've thought twice about all the drawbacks that come with hoofing it over to a busy gym and then waiting in line for the equipment you want.

Thanks to SOLE Fitness, that whole debate becomes a nonissue. With two different SRVO home workout stations to choose from, each with motorized resistance systems capable of simulating up to 260 pounds, you get a gym-grade strength training workout any time of the day or night, in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what a SOLE Fitness spokesperson wants you to know:

“With our SRVO resistance training systems, you can say goodbye to clunky weights and equipment taking up space in your home. With transport wheels and a sleek design, storing your SRVO station is easy and convenient. Now anyone can enjoy a seamless weightlifting fitness journey for the ultimate in personalized workouts at home.”


Both the All-in-One Trainer and the All-in-One Complete Trainer come with the SOLE SRVO base which is equipped with commercial-grade servomotors and smart calculation systems for accurate and consistent weight simulation.

Your workout platform offers three different workout modes:

  • Standard for consistent resistance,
  • Eccentric for maximum muscle engagement with increasing weight simulation, and
  • Isokinetic which provides full muscle activation and explosive weight training.

The SRVO All-in-One Complete workout station comes with a folding bench for full-body strength training that can include squats, deadlifts, and presses. There's also a range of accessories you can add to your bundle to optimize your workout while minimizing your footprint.


As with all SOLE equipment, both the Base and Complete SRVO models come with the SOLE+ app for over 3,000 fitness videos covering basic and advanced routines. So, not only do you get the versatility of a complete strength training setup with over 150 moves, but you also save big on those personal training expenses. Workout videos are geared toward all fitness levels and range from 10 to 60 minutes.

With the SOLE+ app, you get a host of smart features so you can track all your workout data, plan for the next day's goals, and more.


SOLE Fitness is the winner of DICK’S Sporting Goods' “Best Fitness Brand” award, and the “Best Treadmill” award from TRG Treadmill Review Guru. Their line of home equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, rowers, strength training equipment, and accessories.

A recent SOLE SRVO customer says, “Excellent product. This machine replaces so many workout items and really cuts down on space. I have the functionality of a whole gym, and I was super impressed by the station’s solid resistance and overall performance. Five stars.”

Are you ready for some next-level training at home? Learn more about SOLE Fitness and the SRVO strength training systems at

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