Get The Top Gardiner Exterior Building Cleaning Tools From Rutherford, NJ Store

Oct 27, 2021

Are you looking for new window cleaning gear? J. Racenstein ((201) 809-7500) has you covered with their new selection of top-quality Gardiner water-fed poles.

If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to wash windows in commercial buildings, check out the new lightweight and powerful water-fed poles offered by J. Racenstein.

On the website, you’ll find an updated range of Gardiner products that are sure to fit your residential or commercial building’s needs. If you’re not sure which product is best for you, J. Racenstein’s buying guide explains the products’ main features and intended uses.

Head over to our water-fed cleaning page for more details.

The updated products offer the best selection of carbon fiber and hybrid water-fed poles. You will find everything from entry-level residential poles to the world’s strongest commercial 90 ft pole.

Over the last six decades, the development of water-fed poles has reduced the need for scaffolding, lifts, and other risky cleaning methods. Today’s poles are extremely light and strong with high water pressure, allowing window and building cleaners to work up to 8 stories tall while remaining safely on the ground.

J. Racenstein’s online store has the most extensive inventory of Gardiner water-fed poles that ship anywhere in the United States. Their buying guide educates users on how a pole’s flex, weight, and maneuverability affect its uses and price point. If you’re a new buyer, it also describes the key components of a water-fed pole and thoroughly explains how the water purification systems work. 

Gardiner water-fed poles are the highest quality products in the exterior building cleaning industry. For decades, the family business has made the lightest and strongest poles that professional building and window cleaners trust. J. Racenstein’s website provides a detailed analysis of Gardiner products and their features so that you can order with confidence. 

In addition to the website’s buyer’s guide, window and building cleaning experts are on call all day to help you make a decision and place an order. J. Racensteins experts guarantee your water-fed poles will provide you with a safer and less physically demanding cleaning experience without sacrificing the results. The increased convenience and decreased liability equate to more profit for your business!

J. Racenstein proudly provides cutting-edge products from brands like Gardiner, Tucker, Under, and Ettore. With fully stocked warehouses on the East and West coasts, they can ship quickly to anywhere in the US.

Go to to get the best and most affordable water-fed poles you need for your residence or business!

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