Get The Permanent Microblading and Nano Brow Treatments You Need in Aurora CO

Mar 4, 2021

Looking for long-lasting, natural-looking brows, lashes, and lips in Aurora, CO? Call the expert beauty technicians at Painted Lady Pigments to get the permanent makeup services you need!

Never compromise on the quality of your permanent makeup treatments – call the local Aurora, CO beauty experts at Painted Lady Pigments to get the premium microblading, nano, and powder eyebrows solutions you need!

Painted Lady Pigments, a permanent makeup and microblading specialist located in Aurora, CO, have recently updated their permanent and corrective eyebrow makeup services.

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Their newly expanded range of eyebrow services now include powder brows, microblading, and nano brows, as well as a specialist combination of these treatments to create an ombré-effect and naturally shaded finish. The recently updated permanent makeup services at Painted Lady Pigments are ideal if you have a busy schedule and want to save time you may have spent putting on makeup, in addition to if you have lost brows or lashes.

Additionally, the expert beauty technicians can perform corrective work if you have had permanent makeup treatments elsewhere in the past which has left you unsatisfied. In addition to Aurora, Painted Lady Pigments’ newly updated permanent brow services are also ideal if you are a resident of the Denver, Commerce City, Lakewood, Englewood, and Centennial communities.

Their recently updated list of permanent brow treatments are perfect if you are looking for a sleek, hyper-realistic, and maintenance-free brow look that requires no daily makeup touch-ups. Specifically, Painted Lady Pigments offer you three types of permanent eyebrow services.

This includes the powder brow treatment, which is designed to create a natural look and imitate the appearance of your real hair, lasting between 2 and 4 years. By using an ombré technique, the beauty technicians create eyebrows that are darkest at the tail and lightest at the front of the brow. This premium beauty service is designed to be effective no matter your skin type, including if you have oily, problematic, and mature skin.

They also offer premium microblading, which is ideal if you are fair-haired and want to fill in gaps in your brows or recreate eyebrows that have been over-plucked. It uses a specialist tool to create realistic eyebrow hairs that can last up to a year. The nano brow treatment uses a similar method of creating tiny, realistic hairs, but lasts much longer and is suitable for a broader range of skin types.

Moreover, it can be applied in combination with the Painted Lady Pigments powder treatment to offer you hyper-realistic, long-lasting eyebrows. By combining powder brows with either microblading or nano treatments, Painted Lady Pigments can offer you brows that last between 2 and 3 years.

The local salon recommend that you book a touch-up appointment 6 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment in order to complete the transformation and perfect the brow look. Painted Lady Pigments also offers custom lash treatments including permanent eyeliner services, in addition to range of corrective treatments.

Painted Lady Pigments are the local Aurora, CO microblading specialist clinic offering natural-finish brows, lashes, and lips – call them today at +1-408-310-2213 to get the long-lasting eyebrows solutions you need!

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