Get The Most Efficient Induction Bolt Heating Solutions For Your Wind Turbines

Oct 6, 2022

Make sure your machines and inductors are in perfect sync to deliver faster and more efficient bolt removal and installation. Turn up the heat with Thermo International (973-970-9500)

Get The Most Efficient Induction Bolt Heating Solutions For Your Wind Turbines

Experience the rapid results and effortless ease of induction bolt heating for your power plant or manufacturing base. Loosen or tighten stiff bolts in seconds with Thermo International.

The New Jersey-based company offers you a powerful method to tighten and loosen large, industrial-scale bolts and fasteners. Thermo International is a sector leader, providing expertise and innovation in the coupling of magnetic fields and induction power supplies.

Harness the power of induction technology. Get the benefit of Thermo International's years of research for your operation today. More details at

Thermo International has developed and fine-tuned the most effective combination of machine power, heating times, and bolt diameters for faster, more efficient induction-based tightening and loosening. The company provides induction bolt solutions for a range of applications, from wind turbines to industrial chillers.

The currents used within the induction heating process are generated via electromagnetic energy. Using an alternating, high-frequency current and applying it to an induction coil creates a time-varying magnetic field. Electricity is pushed around the induction coils placed within the bore of a bolt. Energy is dissipated in the form of heat via resistive losses with the electricity acting as a dead short on the secondary of a transformer. Induction heating is a non-contact method of generating high temperatures on targeted materials or workpieces.

Thermo International provides you with expertise in ensuring this process is as smooth and harmonious as possible, enabling, for example, a 50'' long and 8'' diameter bolt with a 7/8 bore to be heated in just five minutes.

For power generation applications, the company advocates for a minimum of 50 kW of machine power. Less powerful machines eliminate the time-saving advantages of induction heating. For newer gas and nuclear-sized turbines with larger bores, your machines need to be more adaptable and able to push out up to 120 kW of power.

Thermo International can advise you on the most appropriate size of inductors for a machine's running frequency. The company has identified a range of between 8 and 12 kHz as being the most effective. This allows for a greater mismatch between the bore and the inductor while still allowing efficient coupling.

A spokesperson says, “At Thermo International, we believe we have the perfect combination of machine and inductor. This is even before the tuning range of our machines and an advanced control system, allowing an even greater operating range.”

Boost your bolt-tightening with Thermo International!

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