Get The Latest Novel In Noel Dias’ Best-Selling ‘Smooth’ Crime Thriller Series

Feb 26, 2024

Are you looking for your next literary injection of crime drama and action? Then look no further than the recently released ‘Smooth: Tales of a Non-Convicted Criminal: Book II,’ from author Noel Dias and publishing house Write My Wrongs.

If you’re a fan of crime thrillers, you won’t want to miss author Noel Dias’ recently released ‘Smooth: Tales of a Non-Convicted Criminal: Book II.’ In the sequel novel, you follow protagonist Vincent ‘Smooth’ Lamond as he attempts to get his life back on track following the events of the first novel.

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In ‘Smooth: Tales of a Non-Convicted Criminal: Book II’ author Noel Dias takes you to new locations, including New York City, and Spartanburg, South Carolina, as Lamond travels across the country and faces new challenges. 

As part of the ‘Smooth’ series, which has a 4.9-star rating at the time of writing, the release follows in the original novel’s crime thriller footsteps while introducing new characters, locations, family dramas, and action to excite you along the way.

What Is Smooth About?

Set in the muscle car era, Noel Dias’ ‘Smooth’ series follows the life of criminal and New Jersey native Vincent Lamond. As the synopsis for book one explains, "From drag races to drug deals to bank fraud, Vincent angles for ways to pocket cash, always staying a step or two ahead of the law."

What Are Readers Saying?

Released on February 14th, ‘Smooth: Tales of a Non-Convicted Criminal: Book II’ has already garnered attention from fans of Noel Dias’ series, and received multiple reviews that highlight the novel’s combination of ‘unique and realistic characters’ with ‘heart-pounding thrills and thought-provoking themes.’

Available Now

Both books in the ‘Smooth’ series can be purchased from your preferred online retailer, such as Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo, and are available in both digital and physical formats.

About Noel Dias

Born In Ferriday, LA, which was the setting for his first ‘Smooth’ novel, Noel Dias served five years in the US Armed Forces before working in a range of industries such as electronics repair, office admin, modeling, refrigeration, truck driving, and private investigating. Using this diverse background, Dias now crafts stories with a sense of realism that is influenced by his own life experiences. When he isn’t writing, Dias can be found participating in sports, including basketball, track, and drag racing. 

A reader of the new novel wrote in their review, “This criminal action fiction is the perfect combination of heart-pounding thrills with thought-provoking themes. The author has once again proven himself a master storyteller, delivering a sequel that surpasses its predecessor in both scope and ambition.”

Get ready for a crime thriller like no other with the second book in Noel Dias’ ‘Smooth: Tales of a Non-Convicted Criminal’ series.

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