Get The Flawless Smile Of Your Dreams At This Top-Rated Kent, WA Orthodontist

Jul 6, 2021

If your teeth are holding you back from smiling for photos, Sean Liu Orthodontics of Kent, WA can now give you the smile of your dreams with their new orthodontic treatment plans and Invisalign clear aligners for adults.

The team at Sean Liu Orthodontics knows that when a person smiles, they can truly light up a room. However, for so many of us, crooked teeth and other aesthetic issues hold us back from truly smiling. That’s why they want to help their patients get the kind of brilliant smile they’ll want to share with the world.

The specialist orthodontics practice based near Kent, Washington, have announced that they are expanding their treatment plans for adults. They now offer a range of cosmetic and corrective services including Invisalign invisible braces and clear aligners.

Go to Sean Liu Orthodontics - Tacoma & Seattle Orthodontist to find out more. 

The announcement coincides with the latest research from Dentistry Today which indicated that 75% of orthodontists in the US have observed a marked increase in the number of adult patients, attributed to increasing awareness of the benefits of adult orthodontics.

Although many adults have long believed that they are simply too old for orthodontic work, continued improvements in technology now make these treatments accessible to patients of all ages. Sean Liu Orthodontics is proud to assist you to achieve the flawless smile of your dreams. 

Alongside traditional braces, they now offer both Invisalign and SureSmile aligners to their adult patients. These clear or ‘invisible’ aligner systems allow adult patients to enjoy the positive effects of orthodontic work without anyone noticing they are undergoing treatment.

More information on their adult orthodontic services is available at Pacific Wa Orthodontist - Invisalign and Clear Braces.

Adult orthodontic work is often more than just a cosmetic procedure, as misaligned teeth can lead to other dental problems including tooth decay, gum disease, and bite issues, especially as you age. 

In the case of a profound bite, jaw, or periodontal issue, Sean Liu Orthodontics can also collaborate with other specialists and can fit braces both before and after oral surgery. As such, their expert team is equipped to help you if you are suffering from a crossbite, a deep bite, crowding, missing teeth, protrusive incisors, or other significant spacing problems. 

Sean Liu Orthodontics was founded by Dr. Sean Liu and has been proudly perfecting patients’ smiles since 1974. They serve Fife, Fife Heights, Lakeland, Auburn, Northeast Tacoma, Browns Point, Milton, Edgewood, Pacific, and Algona.

They say when you smile the whole world smiles with you. If you’re ready to have a smile you’re truly happy with, look no further than Sean Liu Orthodontics. 

If you want to learn more about their treatment plans go to Auburn Wa Orthodontist - Invisalign and Clear Braces today and see how you can transform your smile.

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