Get The Fastest Insect Removal In Atoka With This Top-Rated Pest Control Company

Aug 16, 2021

If your property is overrun with insects, you need the experts at Mike’s Pest Control (918-423-2458). They have fast, effective pest and termite treatments for clients in Atoka, Oklahoma.

You probably don’t want to share your house with pests — so contact Mike’s Pest Control today.

The company protects your property against roaches, spiders, fleas, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, ants, mice, and rats. Their team also specializes in removing termite and other wood-consuming insects.

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Oklahoma is home to more than 540 types of common pests — some of which carry harmful diseases. With warm summer months here, Mike’s Pest Control will ensure your house and business remains pest-free.

The company has three pest control options for you: monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly services. With the monthly program, you also receive complimentary service calls; should your property see no reduction in live pests, the team will re-spray interior and exteriors. Critically, they work until you are happy with the results.

For maximum interior protection, Mike’s Pest Control targets cracks, crevices, and baseboards with their treatments. Their chemicals kill pests on contact and establish a barrier to prevent insects from breeding or moving inside. They also target outdoor areas with high insect concentrations, such as shaded areas and thick shrubs. Additionally, the company’s sprays are odor-free and provide long-lasting protection.

Mike’s Pest Control safeguards your property against termites, too. Their team performs termite inspections, as well as pre-construction and post-construction treatments. The company explains that while termite damage is costly to repair, they can quickly eradicate infestations using Termidor Termiticide. Termidor products are the country’s leading termite defense and will counter future afflictions.

About Mike’s Pest Control

With the launch, the company continues to protect clients like you in southern Oklahoma from aggravating and dangerous pests.

Since 1999, Mike’s Pest Control has committed to industry-leading pest control practices. They stay up-to-date with the latest pest control technology and have developed a results-based reputation.

“We started with the company several years ago and were impressed with their courtesy and professionalism,” said a satisfied client. “Last year, we began pest treatment with them and have been very satisfied with the service. Their prices are also very favorable when compared to the competition — I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Mike’s Pest Control are the professionals you can rely on — call them today at 918-423-2458 for a complimentary quote.

Ready to say goodbye to the pests plaguing your property? Visit to discover how the company can help you. 

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