Get The D’Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet From This Trusted Authorized US Dealer

Nov 16, 2022

If you are looking for an easy to use, high-security crypto hardware wallet, The Crypto Merchant has you covered. They now carry the D’Cent Biometric Wallet, one of the highest security options on the market.

Get The D'Cent Biometric Hardware Wallet From This Trusted Authorized US Dealer

One of the few notable downsides of dealing in cryptocurrency is constantly having to look over your shoulder to keep your assets safe. While this negative is outweighed by a myriad of positives - unparalleled freedom, open source technology, decreased reliance on banking institutions - it is still a concern for many, especially when just starting out.

A hardware wallet solves many of these problems, but anyone who gets ahold of your private keys can impersonate you - so what good was the wallet to begin with? Wouldn't it be nice to use a wallet that only you can access - a wallet imprinted with your very DNA?

The Crypto Merchant has a product that can do exactly that. The D'Cent Hardware Wallet features biometric and traditional hardware security, smart device integration, and unparalleled ease of use to avoid accidental transfers.

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This new wallet is the latest in a series of additions to The Crypto Merchant online storefront, which features hardware wallets to meet all levels of need. This product in particular is a mid-level wallet in terms of integrations with a simple, accessible interface and dedicated software for both iOS and Android.

The D’Cent Hardware Wallet differs from similar mid-range models for a number of reasons, but primarily because of its biometric security features. The wallet and requisite app interface allow the user to establish instant-access fingerprint security using the touchscreen on the front of the wallet, providing faster access and eliminating the need for private keys.

As a failsafe, this product also features built-in chip security for a more traditional public/private key pairing for added theft protection.

One reviewer stated, “While other hardware wallets may not be perfectly safe, the D’Cent mobile app is safe in multiple ways. When making transactions, you only need to provide yes and no answers. There is no need to share vital information when using the app or when initially connecting either."

This wallet is one of the bulkiest of its kind on the market, but with the advantage of robustness and ease-of-use, especially for those who may have difficulty reading the smaller interfaces of other wallets. Smaller alternatives also suffer from fragility problems, sacrificing durability for portability. The D’Cent walks the line between these factors, which is one of the primary reasons that The Crypto Merchant has added it to their stock.

The wallet is compatible with most mainstream tokens, with support for Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin, several altcoins, and all ERC-20 tokens. The D’Cent is still in development, and will add support for further assets in the future; firmware updates are regularly rolled out to facilitate this, and are easily implemented through the app.

You will not find the D'Cent for a better price than on The Crypto Merchant, as buying direct-from-manufacturer can incur heavy import taxes and other fees. Trust them to be your authorized dealer for all your crypto needs!

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