Get The Best Whole House Water Filtration System In Irvine With This Top Company

Sep 27, 2021

Save yourself from all the nasty things lurking in your tap water! With Aqualistic’s Whole House Filtration System, you can finally feel good about drinking from the faucet!

Wondering what’s floating in your glass of water? Afraid to find out what chemicals are flowing out of your faucets? Let Aqualistic cure your anxiety with an affordable new whole house filtration system!

Aqualistic, a water filtration expert based in La Habra, California, has launched a whole house filtration system. The company serves Orange County, CA residents by providing a more cost-effective and healthier alternative to both bottled and tap water.

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The filtration system was designed to provide you with access to filtered water from every source in your entire home!

Unfiltered tap water exposes you to harmful chemicals. It often contains pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic chemicals, arsenic, and more.

Chloramines are disinfectants used to treat drinking water that are formed from combining ammonia and chlorine. Unfortunately, this highly efficient contaminant destroyer has also been linked to cancer in humans and leaks in copper pipes.

Chlorine that is inhaled during your shower also poses a health threat. It can be particularly dangerous if you or your loved ones suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions. The chemicals found in tap water can also irritate your skin and cause rashes.

The Aqualistic home water filtration system removes up to 99 percent of chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, and various heavy metals. In addition to being a healthier choice, the system is better for cooking, clothing, appliances, and more.

A whole house water filter system can also save you money in unexpected ways. In addition to eliminating the price of bottled water, the filter protects plumbing systems, dishwashers, washing machines, garbage disposals, and prevents limescale deposits and corrosion. Removal of these chemicals can even result in brighter clothes with less detergent required.

A spokesperson for the company stated, “Aqualistic’s Aquaclear Whole House Water Filtration System utilizes the highest quality natural catalytic carbon media and our exclusive proprietary blend so you can enjoy the benefits of clean, refreshing, odor-free water to every fixture, appliance, faucet, shower, and bathtub in your home. The system reduces or eliminates pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), and PSAF’s. It leaves your immune system free to protect you against actual threats, instead of your drinking water.”

Go to if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of pure, clean water flowing from every source in your house!

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