Get The Best Walk-In Luxury Tubs For Bathroom Remodel With Naperville Contractor

Jun 9, 2023

All you need to do is get some bubbles and your favorite rubber ducky (you do have more than one rubber ducky, don’t you?!) and you’re set in paradise! A modern walk-in bath can be a delightful de-stressor! Call Dream Bath Solutions (630-394-3311) today!

Think of a walk-in tub as your own personal spa. Just add some water jets, a heated seat, a handshower, and then ask Siri or her cousin, Alexa, to roll out the tunes!

This family-owned and operated company offers walk-in tub design services in response to customer demand for affordable bathroom makeovers that meet the needs of individuals with mobility restrictions. The firm offers a wide range of shower and bath conversion options that can be customized to meet your needs - whatever they are. Within reason!

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Since it can be very difficult both for elderly individuals and people with restricted mobility to get themselves into a traditional bathtub, Dream Bath Solutions offers walk-in tubs that provide a comfortable, secure, and therapeutic bathing experience. The firm’s wide range of non-porous, no-slip, and scratch-resistant finishes are available for all bath and shower conversion projects.

And if you're neither elderly nor in any way restricted in your physical movements, consider this: a) you will be someday! and b) walk-in tubs are just easier - and more fun!

The first walk-in tubs were designed to fit in the same space as a regular bathtub, but with a door that allowed the user to safely enter and exit the tub. Since then, various improvements have been made to the walk-in tub design, such as the addition of whirlpool jets, heated seats and backs, and other ergonomic features - helping to fuel its current 8% annual market growth rate of over 8% annually. Walk-in tubs have become increasingly popular in recent years, as the population ages and the benefits of hydrotherapy are realized.

Dream Bath Solutions also offers customized shower installations, built to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. New shower enclosures can significantly improve a bathroom’s aesthetics, making it look larger and more modern. The company's aim is to help you design a shower enclosure that improves the appearance, practicality, and value of your bathroom.

The firm specializes in installing low-maintenance fixtures and easy-to-clean solid surfaces that feature a stone-like texture. The addition of eye-catching metallic touches, as well, lends the finished product a rich, luxurious appearance. The company's team of factory-certified craftsmen handles both minor and full-scale bathroom remodeling and renovation projects. All renovation designs can be managed in accordance with your personal taste and preferences.

Dream Bath Solutions offers complimentary consultations and no-obligation quotes, backing every job with an industry-leading warranty.

One satisfied customer remarked: “We finished our Bath/Shower project, and it is amazing. What a transformation from what we had and now. Incredible. The installation team are real craftsmen. So happy we chose Dream Bath Solutions.”

Affordable luxury - who doesn't want that?!

You can call 630-394-3311 or go to and see for yourself the services being offered in Naperville and the Greater Chicago area.

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