Get the Best VCIO, Network Compliance & Cybersecurity from Top MSP in Las Vegas

Feb 27, 2023

Sick of troubleshooting IT problems? If your tech is constantly letting you down but your budget won’t stretch to permanent technicians on the payroll, get the ultimate MSP solutions from the triple talents of ITS, Intivix, and PC Miracles – a partnership made in heaven!

Get the Best VCIO, Network Compliance & Cybersecurity from Top MSP in Las Vegas

Looking for a managed service provider (MSP) that offers unparalleled value for money? Thanks to Intelligent Technical Solutions' (ITS) recent partnership with two other MSPs, Intivix and PC Miracles, you get the benefit of three industry-leading companies in one!

The move combines the expertise of these three sector pioneers, providing you with the best-outsourced network management and maintenance. The union expands the MSP solutions on offer at all three partnership locations (Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Detroit), increasing value for customers and providing round-the-clock support. If you're already a client, you can now plug into an even bigger and better network of skills and services.

Stop wasting time trying to solve IT issues, get on with running your business and call the experts. Say yes to ITS. You can find more details at

Take advantage of the expanded enterprise-grade technology solutions now available to ITS clients. No matter what size of business you have, you can reduce costs while increasing productivity. The combined talents of ITS, Intivix, and PC Miracles' engineering teams offer you a full suite of robust IT management services, covering everything from cybersecurity to cloud hosting.

Data from ConnectWise reveals that there are currently 40,000 MSPs in operation in the US. The sector has witnessed steady growth in recent years with forecasts suggesting this is likely to continue. With businesses in multiple industries increasingly reliant on digital services, outsourcing IT management reduces overhead and employment costs, while improving the quality of technology solutions.

Representatives from all three companies stress that while the integration of services will take time to complete, all these changes will not affect the continuity and quality of current deliverables. Updates and expansions to the partners' offerings will take place on the back end, augmenting your existing provisions with cutting-edge automation and watertight security.

ITS will be incorporating the best parts of each company and rolling these services out for all clients. This includes PC Miracles' flagship vCIO and network compliance, which is being duplicated and implemented across ITS. The partnership allows you to continue working with the same teams and contacts but with a broader infrastructure and deeper level of expertise across all departments.

The MSP will provide technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a proactive management approach that identifies issues before they become more serious and costly problems. You should expect an enhanced focus on cloud computing to make remote working more secure and easier to manage, helping you overhaul your work environment.

ITS CEO Tom Andrulis says, “Our clients can expect us to strengthen the locations we already have. We're bringing in more talent. We're expanding in a few more locations that are close to the existing locations we already have.”

Take the tech side of your business to the next level with ITS!

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