Get The Best Value Special Pricing With Prescription Discounts With No Paperwork

Dec 7, 2022

Did you know that you could be saving as much as 80% on your prescription medication? With this membership card, you can save big and get great deals that might even beat out your insurance!

Get The Best Value Special Pricing With Prescription Discounts With No Paperwork

With the cost of living skyrocketing, the last thing you want is for your meds to burn a hole in your pocket. That's why it's so important that price-reduction mechanisms like the RxGo program are available.

You can complete the form on the RxGo website to download a prescription card and use it in pharmacies across the country. The card can be used immediately, has no health restrictions - and offers amazing savings!

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The prescription card has been designed to offer year-round reductions for members and has unlimited use. It acts as a voucher that can be used for a wide range of medications, and this never expires.

You can use your card for Saxenda, Trintellix, Tazorac, Contrave, Eliquis, Adderall, Prolensa, and a variety of other medications. You just have to provide the details once at your pharmacist, and discounted rates will be available during the visit, and for all visits in the future.

The service is designed to provide more affordable drug costs if you pay for your medication in cash. The RxGo team negotiates lower rates with pharmaceutical companies through bulk purchasing and passes the savings onto you.

Studies show that around 49% of US residents have at least one prescription medication that they take each month. With consumers receiving lower costs across their prescriptions, medication adherence is more likely to increase.

The membership program was created to provide you with greater access to prescription drugs when they’re most needed. To this end, the program can often provide greater savings than the drug coverage that may be in place.

With the RxGo program, your private information is secure. Your card will be accepted at over 63,000 pharmacies across the US, including Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy, Longs Drugs, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, WeCare Pharmacy, and many more.

A spokesperson for the program states: "To use your savings card simply print your card online then bring it to your pharmacist when you drop off or pick up your prescription. There is no application process and your card is activated instantly. Typical savings on brand name drugs are 10% to 20% with the savings on the generic drugs sometimes over 80%."

If you want to get your medication at the best price, you're only a click away from grabbing your own card!

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