Get The Best USA Indoor Home Shooting Range & Target Design Tips With This Guide

Aug 5, 2021

Are you looking to create a unique shooting range in your home? This is the guide for you! Check out expert tips from Spire Ranges and make your dream a reality.

If you’re looking to create your own shooting range at home, there are some important factors to consider. This guide has all your needs covered!

Spire Ranges discusses how to build an indoor shooting range in the basement. The custom firing range company has established a reputation for flexible and affordable range installation, accessories and more.

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The newly launched guide provides you with expert insight into the fundamentals of indoor shooting range design. It highlights tips and solutions that enable you to make better decisions regarding your own home range setup.

Spire Ranges is known for professional, military-grade products and caters to both the commercial and recreational space. They work with you to bring your vision to life, with fully customizable solutions for a bespoke private range installation.

Now, with the launch of their new guide, they aim to provide detailed insight into the creation process for you. Spire Ranges explains that it’s important to have an understanding of range design when envisioning a project.

The guide reveals that indoor firing ranges are typically a standalone structure. They feature a series of basic components, including the firing lanes themselves, targets, and a bullet trap.

If you’re considering installing a range in your basement, you need to factor in these fundamental elements. Other aspects to keep in mind are safety controls, ensuring quality ventilation throughout your basement, and appropriate lighting so anyone using the range can see clearly.

The materials of the wall and the floor are also important because it’s critical for the exterior of the range to be impenetrable. Range walls need to be made from concrete or masonry cube, while the floor can also be constructed from compact concrete.

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You may also want to expand on your space for additional functionality, especially if you intend to use it with friends or family. Add-ons could include a cleaning station for the weapons, a teaching space, or a lounge.

A spokesperson for the company states: “If you are ready to build your own custom indoor shooting range at home in your basement or perhaps you have your sights on an outdoor shooting range design, give Spire Ranges a call today. We are the premier experts when it comes to customized personal and commercial outdoor shooting ranges or at home.”

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