Get The Best Urgent Dental Care Program On Veterans Day In Syracuse NY

Oct 2, 2019

Are you a veteran looking for a dedicated dentist in Syracuse, New York, to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile? Check out Dr. Joan Laura’s annual Veterans Day program to receive the dental care you deserve at least once a year!

If you’re a veteran of the United States Armed Services, Dr. Joan Laura, a leading Syracuse, New York cosmetic dentist at Eastwood Dental Office, would like to welcome you at her Veterans Day program, where she will provide dental care to veterans. During the program set for November 11th, 2019, you can select one treatment at Eastwood Dental Office, including a cleaning, filling or an extraction.

Dr. Laura, who operates at Eastwood Dental Office, is very giving and involved in her community. As such, she developed the Veterans Day program four years ago and this year, on November 11th, she is looking forward to welcoming veterans from all branches of the military at her annual program.

As a veteran, you probably know that, unfortunately, veterans often face difficulties in accessing dental benefits, which are much more limited than medical benefits. Since developing the Veterans Day program, Dr. Laura has provided more than 100 veterans with quality preventive and restorative dentistry, giving them healthier smiles.

During the Veterans Day program, Dr. Laura and her team will treat your most urgent needs to ensure that any dental pain is relieved, including anything from fillings and extractions to basic denture repairs.

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Dr. Laura has strong family ties to the military. Her father served in the Korean War, and her grandfather served in World War I. With the recent announcement, the doctor aims to provide care and support to as many military veterans as possible.

Dr. Joan Laura has been practicing for more than 25 years. She graduated cum laude with Thesis Honors at State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, and she is a member of the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association.

Dr. Laura said: “This is my way of saying thank you to all the brave women and men who have served our country. Our veterans have given us so much, so I want to be able to help them in the best way I know how: with quality dental services. I look forward to this day every year and am proud to help these incredible men and women.”

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