Get The Best UK Therapy Clinic Management System For Paperless Administration

Feb 24, 2022

Practice management software specialists Power Diary UK now offers a powerful web-based physiotherapy practice management system practitioners can access for 50% off, and a free 14-day trial.

Get The Best UK Therapy Clinic Management System For Paperless Administration

You've worked hard to honour your calling as a physiotherapist and now you're running your own clinic. That in itself deserves a trophy and copious recognition!

But if a big part of your day-to-day duties is paperwork, stuff like orgainising client records, filing client histories, managing referrals, you can be forgoing a lot of client time, and client appointment bookings too, because let's face it you're only human, and even if your receptionist takes care of most of those things, you still need to flip through files, and your notes, to access information.

Imagine if all of these things could be managed, filed, and accessed instantly, just by clicking an icon. With Power Diary's physiotherapy practice management software, that's exactly what you, and your eternally grateful receptionist can look forward to.

And that's just the beginning.

Power Diary helps every size of practice, from solo practitioners to multi-location clinics, automate and streamline the tasks involved with running a clinic. The system manages your client contacts, calendars, treatment notes, client invoices, and billings, and offers over 26 reporting capabilities.

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To date, Power Diary is used by health clinics in over 23 counties because of how efficiently it manages appointments, minimises no-shows, issues and stores online client information forms, and provides online telehealth functionality for appointments that can’t take place in person.

With Power Diary, you can automate all your administrative tasks for more efficient day-to-day business management that significantly reduces the chance for human error.

Universal calendar functionality means your appointments can be booked in seconds. Physiotherapy practice management software also sends out SMS and email reminders to your clients which they can either confirm or cancel. And bonus! The system instantly updates this info. That means you can wave good-bye to no-shows and cancellations, and keep your appointment bookings optimized.

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We all know it's been a rough ride these days for anyone in health care because in-person appointments can be tenuous. The great thing about Power Diary's physiotherapy management system is that it gives you telehealth functionality you and your clients can use without downloading software, or logging in to a portal. You get convenient screen sharing too, and will soon be able to record sessions.

When it comes down to it, however, one of the most important benefits Power Diary offers you is the opportunity to run a paperless practice. You can choose from the system’s library of forms, and then customise from there. Your practice's forms can include text fields, multiple-choice questions, images, and more. It even allows for client signatures and can be sent via SMS or email. Doesn't get any more convenient, or eco-friendly than that.

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And, since it's a web-based system, Power Diary provides you with data insights and analytics that help you quickly and easily monitor your facility’s performance. With over 26 reports, from client retention to detailed financial reporting, you'll have access to the data you need, any time you need it. With this kind of information, you can uncover opportunities, understand problems, and quickly find ways of scaling your services. Visit to find out more.

With Power Diary's dedicated physiotherapy practice management software, now you can spend more time with your clients while running the profitable and successful service you deserve.

Are you ready to save time, money, and a whole lotta trees? Visit to find out more.

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