Get The Best Treatment In La Quinta For Your Herniated Discs From This Chiropractor

Oct 12, 2020

Are you an athlete who was recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease? Or perhaps you’re a normal individual who recently injured your spine and looking for the best possible treatment? The Spinal Injury Center can help!

If you often experience tingling in your hands and feet alongside back pain when you make certain movements, then you may be suffering from degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc. Dr. Marco Cazares from the Spinal Injury Center offers the best treatment plan for these conditions!

Spinal decompression therapy from the Spinal Injury Center is available to the La Quinta, California community. Based in Indio, CA, the center is run by Dr. Marco Cazares who focuses on spinal rejuvenation. 

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The recently announced expansion is also available to the community of Palm Desert, CA. Dr. Marco’s Spinal decompression treatment is focused on treating degenerative disc disease along with herniated discs in athletes and individuals who have suffered major injuries to their spine.

Some individuals who experience pain from improper joint motions may believe that it is due to age. However, this may not be the case as degenerative disc disease shows similar symptoms. 

Degenerative disc disease can occur when a disc dries out over time, from daily activities, or from injuries. The damaged disc results in pain. When this happens, one can experience tingling in the arms and legs. Other causes of degenerated disc disease include misalignment of the spine and even bad nutrition.

According to Dr. Cazares of the Spinal Injury Center, patients are oftentimes told that they have degeneration in the discs but they don’t know it can be treated and improved through various methods. Dr. Cazares also noted that traditional chiropractic treatment doesn’t result in regeneration of the spine, which is necessary when dealing with degenerative disc disease and herniated discs.

Further, Dr. Cazares noted that some chiropractors, in attempting to treat the condition, focus on manipulating your spine instead of rejuvenating the soft tissue in the spine. If not properly dealt with, the soft tissue such as the discs and muscle tissue in the spine can dry up once the spine stops moving, further resulting in arthritis.

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Dr. Marco in his treatment method first pinpoints what is causing your issue then formulates a treatment plan that focuses specifically on the cause of the pain. In doing so, the root cause is taken care of and your spine will return to functioning normally.

The Spinal Injury Center chiropractor believes that preventing the spinal tissue from deteriorating further can result in better long term results. As such, he focuses on rejuvenating your spine through a combination of things such as spinal decompression, regenerative medicine, physical medicine, nutrition, and prevention.

Chinese medicine and stem cell injections into the spine are also some forms of treatment employed by Dr. Marco. He believes that combining these treatments can create better results because of the synergy between them.

“Dr. Marco’s approach to spinal decompression is different because he does not rely 100% on a machine to do the treatment. He’s treated patients that have not gotten results from other spinal decompression…Dr. Marco was able to get the results.” 

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