Get The Best Tips And Tricks To Optimize Your Space For Improved Productivity

Oct 29, 2020

Looking for the best strategies to optimize your space to be more productive? Check out the new Abundance By Design Summit and discover the tools you need to change your life!

If you need help creating a more productive space for you, this new virtual event is the solution for you!

Sophia Clark, founder and creative director of Galiatea, announced that registration is now open for the virtual summit called Abundance By Design. This virtual event will be held on October 30th and 31st, 2020.

The newly launched Abundance By Design Summit aims to help you learn to optimize your space to thrive mentally, physically and financially.

The global health crisis and the rapid shift to remote working and social distancing has meant that people found themselves spending more time at home. During these difficult times, many people are looking for effective ways to curate their physical area to enhance their performance.

When their surroundings feel messy or chaotic, people feel stressed. According to Galiatea, having a harmonious home can help you think more clearly and be more productive. Interior design can create a sense of safe haven, warmth and safety.

The free Abundance By Design Summit covers the essentials of creating a space that makes you more productive, creative, happy, and encourages you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Throughout the event, you can learn how to turn a space into a home you can thrive in. You will also learn how to optimize your space so that it reflects your style and personality.

The summit will also help you learn about the influence of lighting, colors, configuration, proportions and materials on your feelings and emotions, as well as the relationship between your interior design and your overall well-being.

More information can be found at

During the summit, more than 15 world experts will teach the most important ways to develop a mindset and habits that support productivity, creativity and ensure success. You will eventually have the tools to optimize your space for comfort and inspiration.

The official website of Galiatea states: “As designers, we promise to create a space that reflects one’s personality. A human space, a living space with a heart, a space provoking emotions and sensations.”

You can find more at the link above.

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