Get The Best Teen Therapy For Your Troubled Adolescent In St Petersburg Florida

May 14, 2021

Make sure your teenagers get the best psychotherapy to deal with the stresses of childhood in 2021. Call Sunshine City Counseling to book a free session in St. Petersburg FL (+1-727-940-9538).

If you have a troubled teen at home and want to give them the specialist support they need, call Sunshine City Counseling today!

Sunshine City Counseling, child and teen mental health therapists based in St. Petersburg, FL, have announced the appointment of Jill Heer to their specialist child counseling and psychotherapy team. The former youth mentor offers a person-centered approach and clinical expertise in her work with children suffering from emotional distress.

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Jill and her colleagues at Sunshine City Counseling offer a range of therapeutic approaches including play therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and trust-based relational intervention therapy.

According to Mental Health America, nearly 14% of 12 to 17-year-olds report suffering at least one major depressive episode within the last 12 months. In the state of Florida alone, this equates to 189,000 cases of major childhood depressive disorder. If untreated, depression in childhood is more likely to continue into adulthood, making early years mental health intervention vital for future wellbeing.

Clients can benefit from an initial session at no cost and, owing to current social health restrictions, all sessions can be delivered online through the clinic’s HIPPA-compliant secure video platform.

Families who work with Sunshine City Counseling are given a holistic treatment of care. The team provides accessible psycho-education to parents and children alike, enabling them to apply therapeutic techniques beyond the counseling sessions to affect real change in their lives.

Jill Heer and her colleagues provide counseling across a range of issues including anger management, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma therapy, and sexual identity.

Sunshine City Counseling are a dedicated team of mental health professionals and child and teen specialists. They offer compassionate expertise in child and teen mental health in St. Petersburg, FL.

A satisfied client says, “You’ll never regret putting your mental health first. Sunshine City Counseling are the best in town to partner with on your path to healing.”

With the appointment of Jill Heer to the child and teen therapy team, Sunshine City Counseling affirm their commitment to offering the highest standards of care to children and teens in need of emotional support in St. Petersburg, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Go to to make sure your child gets the help they need today to build a better, happier future.

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