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May 29, 2017

High Supply, an online retailer, launched a new convertible standing workstation. Offering up to 16.75” of extra height to existing desks, the workstation can be used by anyone up to 6’5” tall, with the generous 36” surface being able to easily fit two large monitors.

High Supply, an online retailer, announced a new convertible standing desk model. The adjustable workstation can easily be transformed from a traditional desk to a standing desk, allowing users with heights of up to 6’5” to work on to two 27” monitors while standing up.

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Recent years have seen growing public safety concerns over the risked posed by increased sedentarism. With the average office worker spending more than five and a half hours sitting each day, obesity, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal problems have become more and more common.

Studies have shown that even moderate exercise during office hours can have positive health effects. Standing desks have grown in popularity, with many people opting to stand up while working in an effort to protect themselves from the risks associated with long sitting periods.

High Supply launched a new convertible standing desk. Unlike traditional standing desks, the High Supply model allows users to easily switch between standing and sitting positions, helping them reap the benefits of moderate physical activity while working on various projects.

The High Supply convertible workstation is designed as a robust desktop solution for everyone looking to maximize desk space. The large, 36” surface allows the use of two 27” monitors at the same time, meaning that users can work on complex projects while standing up. This is a significant improvement over most other standing desks models, which are typically not large enough to fit multiple monitors.

Users of various heights can use the High Supply workstation, as it is offers gradual adjustment for various heights. It can be raised up to 16.75″ above the existing desktop, making it an ideal solution for users up to 6’5” tall.

The workstation also allows users to correct the eye-monitor distance, reducing the risks associated with excessive eye strain.

High Supply is currently looking for beta testers for future convertible standing desks models.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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