Get The Best Stamford CT Wedding Photography & Filming Services For The Perfect Memories

Apr 5, 2017

If you’re looking for a professional, experienced photographer for your special wedding, Ryan Mastro is exactly who you need! With years of experience providing high-end media services for professional musicians and a wide experience with a variety of events, Ryan offers the best Stamford wedding photos and video services!

  • get the best stamford ct wedding photography amp filming services for the perfec
  • get the best stamford ct wedding photography amp filming services for the perfec

Ryan Mastro, a professional photographer based in Stamford, Connecticut, launched Green Path Creative, a professional wedding media agency providing a variety of photography and videography services.

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Professional photography services are essential for the success of any wedding, as wedding pictures capture the most memorable events during the ceremony and the wedding night. Recently, more and more couples are choosing to offer their guests instant photos and wedding souvenirs, and wedding booths are growing in popularity as an entertaining addition to many modern weddings.

Ryan Mastro is a professional photographer providing a variety of services for many different clients. He has extensive experience photographing professional musicians, and his many years of studying and experimenting with the latest photographic technology allow him to adapt his services to a wide variety of occasions.

His wedding expertise includes both photography and short films, as Mr. Mastro strives to provide a wide array of professional wedding media services. Through a careful blend of photography styles and techniques, the Stamford photographer both captures and edits a wide range of wedding pictures, from family and group portraits to individual photos, artistic pictures and many others.

Mr. Mastro also produces short wedding films for couples looking for an elegant and entertaining way to capture some of their most memorable wedding moments. Blending high-end cinematography with original soundtracks and powerful modern production techniques, Ryan Mastro provides professional, artistic short films carefully designed according to the preferences of each couple.

Mr. Mastro strives to create original art with each wedding picture or film, and his photography and videography services come with a full consultation to determine the particular needs and preferences of each couple. Due to his experience with a variety of photography style and art techniques, he provides custom photo shooting, filming and editing services in complete accordance with each couple’s wishes.

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