Get The Best ShareFunnel ClickFunnel Sales Funnel Collection For Free

Sep 15, 2019

Looking for the best way to maximize your marketing success? Get these free ClickFunnel share funnels to create amazingly engaging funnels for your clients or your own business!

An engaging sales funnel can do wonders for your clients – or even your own business. If you’re looking for the best ClickFunnel sales funnels, this new collection from Dotcom Dollar has everything you need. And it’s all for free!

Dotcom Dollar, a website specializing in high-quality digital marketing resources, launched a collection of 33 high-conversion ClickFunnel share funnels. These resources are freely available and have been designed to allow you to create effective sales funnels for businesses ranging from dentists to insurance consultants, bloggers and many others.

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The newly launched share funnel collection aims to provide an accessible and useful resource for beginning online marketers or business owners interested in improving their digital marketing efficiency.

The collection leverages share funnels – one of the most interesting, albeit not the most popular, ClickFunnel features. A share funnel is, essentially, a pre-made sales funnel shared by the creator and which can be easily modified according to the needs of other users.

The 33 share funnels included in the package have been chosen based on a series of factors such as engagement, success rate, overall design, and many others.

The entire collection has been built with the beginner marketer in mind, so the share funnels are intuitive and easy to personalize. They’re literally the best way to create effective sales funnels in minutes, for free!

A Dotcom Dollar spokesperson said: “This is perfect for a beginner who’s just starting out. They can go and clone a successful funnel and make some tweaks to fit their purpose. This will give anyone a much greater chance of success (this also works for lazy people).”

The package includes effective templates for dentists, insurance agents, fitness and personal trainers, bloggers and many more. Some of the funnels have impressing conversion rates, such as a ClickFunnels insurance template which has previously converted at a roughly 60% rate.

Also included is a link to a complete guide on how to use and edit the templates.

With the latest launch, Dotcom Dollar continues to expand its range of high-quality online marketing and entrepreneurship resources.

Click on the link above for more information.

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