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Feb 1, 2019

Writing and publishing coach Dr. Judith Briles announced “Publishing Essentials Alphabet Soup – Your Guide to the Must Haves or Knows for Publishing Smart Today”, a new mini-guide for anyone looking to self-publish their first book.

Dr. Judith Briles, a writing and publishing coach and accomplished author, launched “Publishing Essentials Alphabet Soup - Your Guide to the Must Haves or Knows for Publishing Smart Today”, the latest installment in her AuthorYOU mini guide series. Covering essential aspects related to successful self-publishing, the e-book is ideal for new authors looking to publish books in any genre.

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Self-publishing can be a challenging process for many authors, especially those at the start of their careers. Professional guidance from an expert publishing coach can often make the difference between success and failure, offering authors valuable tips on how go about publishing their first books.

Dr. Judith Briles and her The Book Shepherd coaching agency specializes in helping authors write and have their works published.

An accomplished author herself, Judith has mentored thousands of authors, having helped them publish both fiction and non-fiction books. Her AuthorYOU organization has more than 10,000 members in its LinkedIn group alone.

Judith’s book, Publishing Essentials Alphabet Soup, is available free of charge, and features a variety of useful tips for authors interested in getting their ISBN, LCCN and CIP, managing their footnotes and endnotes, listing their books on Amazon and Google, and other essential aspects of book publishing.

Judith is also available for personalized writing and publishing coaching sessions.

A Book Shepherd spokesperson said: “With The Book Shepherd and her vast array of publishing experts, you will have a clear vision for your book and a road map for your goals. The members of Judith’s team are all award-winning designers and editors that can help guide you through the challenges of the publishing industry, providing all the help you need. With the 10,000+ books rolling out everyday (yes, too many are unedited and look like they are DIY projects), your book needs to snap, crackle and pop to get a reader’s and buyer’s attention.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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