Get The Best Rug Cleaning In Salt Lake City To Safely Remove Dirt And Bacteria

Jun 22, 2021

Looking for the best way to get your rugs clean and bacteria-free in Salt Lake City? Mr. Chem-Dry offers non-toxic cleaning for rugs of any size and style either onsite or at their local plant.

Don't let unsightly and unsanitary dirt build up on your favorite rugs. Turn to the professionals at Mr. Chem-Dry for the professional cleaning your home and office rugs deserve!

Mr. Chem-Dry, a home and commercial cleaning company based in Salt Lake City, Ogden and Centerville, Utah, offers a rug cleaning service that uses the patented Chem-Dry technique to extract dirt and bacteria from rugs of any size.

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The service provides you with specialized cleaning options no matter what kind of rug you have, from common area floor coverings to fine, high-value Persian investments.

The Chem-Dry non-toxic cleaning process uses only 20% of the water used by traditional steam cleaning, resulting in a faster drying time (as little as 1-2 hours!) and a deeper clean. The hot carbonated extraction process uses an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution with a powerful extraction machine that penetrates rug fibers and thoroughly removes all traces of dirt and bacteria.

Mr. Chem-Dry can clean rugs directly in your home or office, or they can take them offsite for a deeper in-plant cleaning. Woven rugs especially benefit from the additional steps that can only be taken with the specialized equipment and tools available at their locally-based plant.

Unlike carpets that can take up a larger area, rugs often receive higher foot traffic and more concentrated accumulation of debris and allergens. Using trusted techniques that have been used reliably for decades, Mr. Chem-Dry deep cleans your rugs while also focusing on preserving the integrity of the colors and fabrics that make them so special. 

If your rugs need more than just a general cleaning, the safe and green-certified solution used by Mr. Chem-Dry is ideal for tackling even difficult-to-remove urine and pet odors.

Their website includes an in-depth description of the entire cleaning process. You can get more information about it at

A spokesperson for the company said: “Rugs require specialized treatment as they may be much dirtier than they look. We understand the privilege we have in helping achieve the best rug cleaning in Utah with the finest processes available to get your rugs the cleanest that they have ever been.”

Mr. Chem-Dry has the equipment and the know-how to safely remove the dirt and bacteria from rugs of any size or style. Call them today at 801-298-8125 for all of your rug cleaning needs!

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