Get The Best Resource Planning Tool To Help You Manage Your Project Portfolio

Sep 17, 2020

Project managers can benefit from a newly launched agile resource planning software tool. ResourceFirst from PDWare is designed to work in hybrid environments can include management on-the-go features.

How do you currently manage your resources for projects and portfolios? Do you work in hybrid environments? Are you still using different software for each individual environment? Have you considered utilizing a tool that is agile and ideal for hybrid projects? If you have answered ‘yes’ you need to read on to find out more!

A new cloud-based resource management software tool has been launched aimed at you if you are a project manager, business analyst, or executive. PDWare says you can use its latest tool ResourceFirst for resource and portfolio management in a flexible, practical, and intuitive way.

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The newly launched software tool enables greater strategy execution, reliable data-based decision-making, forecasting, and business agility at all levels. In case you are wondering, the tool is the first of its kind to offer portfolio management that is focused on resource planning.

It is ideally suited to agile and hybrid environments, which as you may be aware have traditionally struggled to effectively manage resources. The team behind the software say if you work in hybrid environments, you may have found yourself using two separate technologies, systems, and approaches, which generally results in separate data and different reports.

ResourceFirst helps you to continually align your valuable resources with your most important projects and programs. It is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use for your whole team, yet powerful in its capabilities.

As well as being intuitive for your team members, project and resource managers, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, and executives, it can be offered to your clients as an on-premise solution. The company built the software from scratch, which means it has the benefits of the latest digital technology including dashboards powered by Qlik and hosted by Microsoft Azure.

Mobile solutions that are integrated into the software include mobile timesheets, which allows your team to manage your projects on the go. If you utilize the software, you can put resource planning and management at the center of whatever you are working on, whether you are managing a portfolio, or working on a project.

A customer wrote: “PDWare focuses on what we need today, which is true supply and demand resource data without a lot of extra bells and whistles. Using PDWare, we have been able to reduce the overall resource gap substantially.”

“The system (ResourceFirst) ensures we have a prioritization process in place and that the sequence is understood across the business,” they added.

You can find out more via the link provided!

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