Get The Best Queens Commercial Asphalt Paving Firm For Shopping Malls & Offices

Feb 1, 2023

The road to hell may be paved by good intentions – though that seems a bit harsh! – but what your childhood taskmaster didn’t mention is that the road to success is definitely paved with asphalt! Call Grey Ruso Construction (718-358-1836) and find out why!

Get The Best Queens Commercial Asphalt Paving Firm For Shopping Malls & Offices

When you think about building a new roadway or fixing a parking lot, you probably worry first about how large a check you’ll need to write. But - consider the costs of leaving your parking lot in disrepair. The much and the grime, the cracks, and the potholes - those are expensive when you handle them on a case-by-case basis! And if you get to the point where it's considered negligence, you may even face legal consequences.

So, turn to Grey Ruso Construction. They've been around New York long enough to know all the challenges you're facing - and have the solutions to address them head-on!

The independently owned and operated business based in College Point, NY offers comprehensive asphalt paving services that include preparation and installation. After grading and/ or removal of the existing layer, the company’s licensed, bonded, and insured technicians install shiny new asphalt surfaces - on time, on budget, and in line with your specifications.

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Grey Ruso Construction, a family-owned firm founded in 1987, now offers to perform pavement projects of all sizes - including maintenance and repairs on existing surfaces. Employing state-of-the-art tools and technology, the firm’s trained and experienced professionals work closely with you to determine design parameters and budgetary requirements - with an eye on ensuring the highest long-term ROI for you or your clients.

Highly durable and crack-resistant, asphalt is largely used in the construction of roads, parking areas, and driveways - binding crushed stone and aggregates into concrete surfaces. The market for asphalt paving is growing at over 5% annually and due to its cost-effectiveness, it is expected to continue its consistent trajectory of growth for the foreseeable future: neatly laid asphalt reduces fuel consumption and pollutants from vehicles while also providing improved wheel grip for drivers. Moreover, observers have noted that the recent infrastructure bill passed by congress allocates sizeable investments to asphalt paving projects.

Grey Ruso Construction offers services for all phases of commercial construction including installation and repairs of concrete loading docks, driveways sidewalks, and parking lots. Clients include apartment complexes, management companies, airports, shopping malls, and public/private streets.

For example, to extend a pavement's lifespan, parking lot care involves a range of repairs and treatments. Parking lots in New York and across the U.S. typically use asphalt, which is prone to aging and degradation over time. That damage can render it dangerous as well as ugly, hurting property value, employee/client safety, and overall business viability.

Grey Ruso Construction will employ methods such as sealing, striping, and crack filling to perform the repairs: water and debris can reach the surface layer and cause more damage if potholes and cracks are not addressed.

Additionally, the company can help advise you on the best way to design and budget for your pavement projects from beginning to end.

One satisfied client remarked: “This company does fantastic work on both my residential jobs and commercial jobs. They are very professional and organized. They make everything perfectly smooth and know how to pitch the pavement. Very important.”

Be smart. Don't take chances with a fly-by-night contractor. After all, the road to success is also paved with good decision-making!

You can call 718-358-1836 or go to Grey Ruso Construction and visit them in person to see for yourself how they can help you today!

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