Get The Best Professional Guide To Shorting Stocks For Beginner Intraday Traders

Feb 28, 2024

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Hack Your Learning Curve

The short selling classes are part of MIC's extensive guided curriculum – an exhaustive syllabus covering every facet of launching a career in the stock market. While shorting has its detractors, the practice can be lucrative for rapid position traders. MIC's innovative training regimen expedites your learning curve to deliver impressive results in a matter of months.

The Long And The Short Of It

Short selling, also known as shorting or 'going short', involves a trader selling a borrowed security. These stocks or financial instruments are bought in the hope that their value will decline, allowing you to buy them back at a lower price, thus turning a profit. Short selling effectively bets against the market but it is widely held to be good for market liquidity and efficient price discovery.

Other topics explored by the coaching team include technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, options, and hedge fund trading strategies. Learning content is delivered one-on-one via the mentorship program and a series of weekly webinars and regular Q&As. These feature live market recaps and keep you abreast of the market with daily watchlists and blueprints.

Unlimited Support

Mentors can be reached seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging. There are no limits on how much support you receive, elevating MIC's offering above other rival platforms.

Other recently launched features include the live trading room and a webinar explaining MIC's 8.4 million dollar trading system – a simple way for you to generate a sizable side income from just one hour of trading per day.

What They Say

“We provide our students with every resource they need to become successful. From on-demand video lessons to Alex’s daily watch lists, live market recaps, trader psychology classes, daily education in the chatroom, and even 1-on-1 mentorship phone calls with professional day traders.”

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