Get The Best Price For The ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet At This UK Store

Jun 7, 2024

The ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet has launched with the expanded panoramic viewing field welders have been crying out for! The guys at Weldtech UK (01228 713458) talked us through this amazing new piece of PPE.

We welders know the work is dangerous. We’ve all seen what happens when projects try to cut corners or compromise on safety. Did you know that welding and cutting account for nearly 30% of all injuries in the UK’s manufacturing industries? So you need the gear that will protect you from the heat, sparks, UV, slag spatter, and flying debris from grinding. Avoid burns, arc eye and flash burns with the best, highest quality PPE: the ESAB Sentinel A60 Welding Helmet.

Check out all the ESAB Sentinel A60 helmet’s top features and Weldtech UK’s low pricing at 

The Best Visibility Of Any Welding Helmet

The new Sentinel A60 has a 40 percent larger viewing area than the previous A50 model. Forty percent? That’s huge! And we all know why that’s so important. With this expanded viewing area, you can get distortion-free vision from any angle

Do you realise what this means? The Sentinel A60 actually achieves the coveted 1:1:1 optical clarity that the industry has been pursuing for decades! So you can weld from any angle, in any space, and keep your focus. Optimal peripheral vision means that you stay safe, knowing what is going on around you (no more bubblehead tunnel vision). 

Wider field of vision is a key factor in improved safety, however, Weldtech UK also points to the Sentinel A60’s upgraded auto-darkening features which help to protect the eye, reduce fatigue and keep the weld pool in focus (and we’ve all felt that frustration when your focus is made more difficult by less refined products). Using ESAB’s OpTCS technology, the shading adjustments are now available in half-point increments, making the helmet fully customisable to each user and and each job. Shade and reaction time are easily controlled from user-friendly buttons on the helmet’s exterior (made for gloved hands!).

The Best Fit Of Any Welding Helmet

Comfort and flexibility are recurring themes as Weldtech UK introduces us to the Sentinel A60 model’s best features. The fully adjustable Halo headgear can be set up for all-day comfort, accommodating different head shapes

But here’s the best part: the designers have managed to add or expand all the helmet’s features without compromising on weight. The ESAB Sentinel A60 welding helmet is only 4 grams heavier than its previous model. 

Marketed (quite rightly!) as the best all-round welding helmet, the latest ESAB Sentinel A60 scores highly in the main areas professionals rate welding gear, namely: 

  • viewing area and optical quality
  • comfort and fit
  • control functions
  • sensors and batteries
  • and compatibility with ESAB’s powered air-purifying respirators.

The Best Value Of Any Welding Helmet

Thanks to Weldtech UK’s superior pricing, you can get this top-of-the-range welding helmet at a price that won’t break your business’ bank or cause Bill from accounts to get his spreadsheet columns in a knot. 

What’s more, for professional welders, Weldtech UK currently offers an expanded package option which combines the ESAB Sentinel A60 welding helmet and accessories with the respiratory protection of an EPR-X1 PAPR unit. So you can get the whole package safely delivered to your door and be ready to go right away.  

Want to try getting your hands on the gear before you buy? Cumbria based welders can visit Weldtech UK’s well-stocked shop in Dalston, Carlisle. Just give them a ring at 01228 713458 or visit 

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