Get The Best Portable Waterproof Hardware Wallet Cases For Trezor & Ledger

Apr 25, 2023

If you’re looking for an added layer of security for your hardware wallet or recovery seed backup tool, try one of the many cases that The Crypto Merchant has to offer!

Whether you're working or traveling, you want your crypto assets protected. So why not give them the ultimate security with a hard case from The Crypto Merchant?

The online crypto security retailer has a range of options for securing and protecting your hardware wallets and recovery seed backup tools. Their merchandise collection includes a variety of waterproof hardware wallet cases from brands like Casematix and Trezor, as well as soft goods like laptop sleeves and tote bags.

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Given the value of crypto assets, you must utilize as many security measures as you can to protect your investments. Hardware wallets and recovery seed backup tools are effective methods of offline storage, but even these can be lost, stolen, or damaged. For added protection, The Crypto Merchant recommends you get a case.

The Crypto Merchant offers a few case options as part of their merchandise collection. The Casematix Waterproof Hard Case features a military-grade shell with a triple-layer lining of rubber and foam. It also includes waterproof O-ring lining and an air-pressurization seal. It’s capable of holding hardware wallets from Ledger, Trezor, and more.

Another option is the Trezor One Case. Unlike the heavy-duty Casematix case, the Trezor One Case is a practical and stylish silicone case. Its sleek design and soft-touch buttons allow for easy USB access. It's available in an assortment of bright colors for increased visibility and comes with a lanyard.

Given that a lot of crypto trading takes place on laptops and tablets, The Crypto Merchant’s merchandise collection also includes the popular Bitcoin World Domination Laptop Sleeve. The lightweight, form-fitting sleeve is made with polyester-encased foam padding for extra protection and features a pixel graphic on the front. The sleeve also includes a top-loading zipper enclosure for easy access.

Other items in the merchandise collection include glass fiber antennas, portable hotspots, leather cases, cloth tote bags, and the best-selling DigiByte Pac-Man coffee mug. They also have a range of t-shirts featuring crypto-themed graphics, logos, and texts.

“The cases are sturdy and compact, and even have a little bit of extra room—I imagine you could fit a few wallets in them if you wanted to,” said a satisfied customer. “They offer true peace of mind also because you know your assets are off exchanges and safe from damage.”

To check out everything The Crypto Merchant has to offer you can visit the website above. But do so quickly, because for a limited time, their entire catalog is on sale. They're also offering free 2 to 4-day shipping on all U.S. orders.

About The Crypto Merchant

Based in New York, The Crypto Merchant has been providing crypto traders with industry-leading hardware wallets and cryptocurrency security devices since 2017. They are an authorized retailer of Trezor, KeepKey, Ledger, Billfold, Shift, and Cryptotag.

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